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Russian Scam Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How will I benefit if join?

You will be listed in our Russian Agencies check-list that is the starting point for thousands of men looking for a Russian wife. Many men specifically look for our icon on the sites that they visit. It is your credibility.

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How much does it cost to join?

Joining the program is free.

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Can we join if our agency is not located in Russia or another country of the former Soviet Union?

Yes, you can join if your agency is located outside Russia or the former Soviet Union, if you have profiles of women from those countries in your database.

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Can we join if our agency does not have a website?

Yes, you can. We will create a one page website for you where you can list your contact details, price-list, and up to 10 women from your database. We provide it for free.

Fill in the application form, and in the line URL of the web site specify "1-page free web site" instead. We will contact you within 10 business days with the full information on how to set up your one-page FREE website.

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What if we have a scammer in our database?

It may happen with any agency. You must report the fraud to and remove woman's data from your database within 3 business days.

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What is violation of the rules?

If your site does not correspond to ANY of our requirements, it will be in violation of the rules. Once the violation of the rules is reported, we will ask you to fix it. If you fail to fix it, your site will be removed from the listing. If more than 3 violations have been reported within 1 year, you site will be removed from the listing and disqualified from participating in the program for 12 months. In more prominent cases it may be banned from the program forever.

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What if we cannot come to an agreement with a client? Will it be considered as violation of the rules?

We look at each case personally, and listen to both parties. We will try to help you to reach an agreement, but if we think the client is unreasonable, it will not be considered as violation. For example, a client may request to refund him for the purchasing of address of the scammer, but he cannot request you to cover his losses that were caused by the fraud (as long as you display the warning against the sending of money prominently on your website, or on one of the main pages accessible from the HOME PAGE).

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Not every woman who requests financial help is a scammer. Why it is necessary to remove her data from the databases and inform you about it?

Of course not every woman who asks for financial help is a scammer. But the ground base for scams is men who send money to women. If they did not send money, there would not be any scams. 

We truly believe that if an honest woman asks for financial help from a man, she considers him special and has established special relationship with him. So removal of her data from your database is only natural. It is up to you as an agency to decide if her request was reasonable, and inform us with corresponding information. We will be able to accumulate this information, and will never blacklist any woman who was not reported as an obvious scammer.

The idea of Russian - Scam. org is to have a place for exchanging such information. If a woman was reported as requesting money from men by a few agencies, the conclusion is obvious. In the same time she may still be looking for a husband abroad, but using her other admires that she does not find good enough as a source of good living. This is unacceptable.

A man may take a decision to support his friend financially, and it's his right. If he was the first one to offer financial help, his intentions are honorable; though an honest woman will usually hesitate to accept such an offer. 

Our rules are made in regard to women who start the money talk themselves. Your obligation as an agency is to inform men that a money request from a woman is a bad sign, and recommend them not to send money. If they decide to go ahead, the consequences are not your responsibility.

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