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Russian Scam Message Board - Russian Scams and Russian Scammers

This is the alphabetical listing of Russian scammers and Russian agencies involved in Russian dating fraud. The name of the person where the money is sent is the key issue in a Russian scam or Russian scam, and the same Russian scammer may use different photos. Also, the same set of photos may be used under different names. Most known Russian scams appear to be run by the same few groups of Russian scammers using different names and photos. Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet.

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Please remember that Russian Scam is not a law enforcement agency and do not investigate or prosecute criminals. Only authorized law enforcement agencies can prosecute your offenders. To have them prosecuted, you will need to make an official statement to police and lay charges. Russian scam collects and publishes data of Russian scams and Russian scammers only.

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Russian scam listings are in alphabetical order according to Last Name of Russian scammer or Russian Agency Name

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Bocharova, Elena - St Petersburg, Russia

Address: Vosstaniya, 1/39,St Petersburg, Russia 

Details: She told me that she will borrow money for plain ticket from her uncle to come and visit me.

First reported: Steve

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Bocharova, Tatiana – Moscow, Russia

Her email:

4 emails sent to me about how she wanted to come to England to work and live, sent me photo and then asked me for money to be sent to her for plane ticket.Never answers a question you ask her. Another Scam, as her photo has been used before on a different name

First reported: Jay





Bodo Roberta Carmen - Galati, Romania

Phone: 0040757243118

Details: I have known Roberta and after some correspondence we agreed to meet us in Italy. I bought the ticket for her and I sent it to her email address. She informed me that she lived quite far from airport and she could arrive in airport only in taxi, but she didn't have the money to pay taxi. She asked me to send to her € 100 for the taxi. I sent to her the € 100 with Western Union. She took the money, she didn't come and disappeared. 

First reported: Luca





Bodroova, Marija - Arkhangelsk,  Russia

Address: Gaydara Street 50 - 17, Arkhangelsk, 16300, Russia

Details:  Asks for  money transferred to western union to pay her utility bills before she could apply for a visa and pay for airfare

First reported: Dean





Bogatyreva - Kiev, Ukraine

Address: 424000 Mari El, Ivan-Kirlya 17"B"-93, Russia

Details:  Asks for money for airfare and visa to marry and she has to go Moscow for a modelling job and after that she has to visit to her parents at Novosibirsk.

First reported: Jim




Bogdanova, Anzhela, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Details:  Asks for money for airfare and visa to visit because she is in love and would like to to meet. Ask to transfer funds with Money Gram or Western Union. Also ask money for food. 

First reported: Randy 



Bogdanova, Marina Anatolievna - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Postal Code: 720028
Street Address: 7district 33home 26 flat
International Phone Code: 996-312
Home Phone: 457422
Mobile Phone: Not Available
Agency: russianbrides

First reported: Rod 



Bogomolowa, Elena - Murmansk, Russia

Address: Lenina prospekt 18-3, Murmansk, Russia

Details: Typical scammer. Request airfare and visa money to visit.

First reported: coachmj




Bohlodina, Irina - Belyy Yar, Khanty-Mansi, Russia


Details:  Asks for money for airfare and visa. 

First reported: Kfan




Boiko, Svetlana - Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: ul. Rechitskoye shosse 85-24, Gomel 246012

Details: Initiates the contact herself through popular online personals in response to your ad, or by placing own ad on the same sites. Asks for money for airfare and visa. Claims to have bought plane ticket, just before her departure, her mother becomes ill and she cannot come to see you.

First reported: Alfred




Bolbat, Volha - Minsk, Belarus

Phone: claims to don't have a phone
Address: Skoriny Ave., 145, ap. 201, Minsk, Belarus

Details: One of the names used by Minsk group. Acquaintance usually originates from a personals site where you placed your ad, and she responded. Writes personal letters, answering all your questions. After 2-3 months informs that her aunt working at University may help her to come to USA including her in student exchange group, and asks for money for visa and tickets. Doesn't stop writing after receiving the money.

First reported: Lawrence Marshall



Bolkova, Olya – Civilsk, Russia 

Agency: filipino friend finder

Details: posted ad on filipino friend finder. heard from olya and marina on same day. by second letter, she was talking about how deep our feelings were becoming and of marriage! she never responded to things talked about in letters or to questions asked. i sent one letter with nothing but a paste of info about hunters in the world of warcraft online game, and next letter, no reference to it at all, just more of her growing love. lol! so, she must have a pre-set group of letters that
she mass-mails to those she has on the hook and never even bothers reading what is sent to her. that should be a flaming neon light clue to anyone when that happens. look for it. by the way, one picture of her is on your site under Prohorova, Olya - Cheboksary, Russia with
similar details, especially the $440 wanted for visa. here are the payment details i finally got today:

Amount: 440USD

INTERMEDIARY BANK: Deutsche Bank Trust Company
Americas, New York
S.W.I.F.T.: BKTR US 33

Hansabanka, Riga, Latvia
S.W.I.F.T.: HABA LV 22


Riga, Latvia


For Olya Bolkova

First reported:




Bolsheva, Lilian - Voronezh, Russia

Phone: +7910249293
Address: Lilian Bolsheva, Ul. Lizykov D. 56, Kv. 285, Voronezh, Russia 394088

Details: Responded to the personal ad and demanded to buy her pocket computer from America. Because you didn't buy it for her she makes you feel that you are greedy, cheap and unmanly.

First reported: John




Bondar Natalia - Donbass, Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: Bondar Natalia - Donbass, Lugansk, Ukraine
Phone: +380662185830

Details: I got know Natalia Bondar on She stated that she had lost her parents when she was 15. She always did mention her godmother. She also stated that she was the owner of a hair salon. We corresponded on for at least 6 -8 months. Our communication I thought was going well. I did think of all the scams but things with Natalia seemed different. I would ask her to send me photos with a message just to make sure she was real and she did. I did not save these photos. I also received a photo after I sent her chocolate candy which is in the photos I attached. I always asked her if we could get off and correspond with personal email or on another social site. I did get her contact information from After the situation in Lugansk with the fighting, Natalia told me in a text message that she moved to Sevastopol in Crimea and told me she deleted her account on RomanceCompass and wanted me to delete my account because she said, she wanted me to be her man, so I did. After a while, she did send me her email and we started corresponding on email and I did talk to her on the phone a couple times. Then I received an email stating she was running out of money for food and needed a place to stay. She did ask for help a few times. Hearing the news of all displaced people in Lugansk because of the fighting it just seemed legitimate and That is when my heart was feeling the pain for her. My heart was telling me that I could not let a young pretty 26 year old live in that kind of situation. In the 4 months we corresponded with email, I did send Natalia Bondar $400 via Western Union. After the last time I sent her money, I did not hear from her in a few days and she responded in an email that she had a new account on which is an app. for free text messages and phone calls. I did text the first few times with her and after that, I did not get any response from Viber or email. I did call her on the phone and she stated she could not get my messages on Viber and to email her. I finally did realize that she must have blocked me on Viber because she had group messaging. Then I knew what was going on. I did decide to call her one more time and a man answered this time, and that confirmed my suspicions. Yes, I have learned my lesson. After reading all the information on dating site scams, I will be more knowledgeable what to look for. And actually that will be my first and last time.

First reported: Gary




Bondarenko, Elena, aka Banderenko - Lugansk, Ukraine

Email Address: (new), (old)

Phone: 380-642-951054
Address: Ukraine, Lugansk, Vatutin Street 93/51, Zip code 91040

Details: Asks for $100 per month to continue communicating. This woman advertises by herself (I suspect) and even responds to e-mail but involves other people when it is time to start some serious business called communication. She appeared on under whitelily_2001 and golden_rose. Her co-conspirator is Yelena logvinenko who operates the successful juggling of phones and answering different customers. She has a person(s) stationed at the phone number 380-642-951054 in Ukraine.  Based on who is calling she will say Elena is not available/sick/traveling and asks you to write an e-mail.

First reported: Lawrence Marshall


Bondarev (Maiden Name), Andrey (AKA Andrey Churikov) - Ulyanovsk, Russia

Address: 432046 Russia, Ulyanovsk, Telmana street, 3-50

Site: (Contain his picture)
Email: and

Details: Contacted through Gay Scammer, use the same tricks. Requested money for his visa, and air ticket to America.

First reported: Henry



Borisenko, Ludmila  alias Yulya Borisovna

Phone: claims to don't have a phone

Address: U.L.Yaroslava Mudrogo 5/13 Flat3  Belaya Tserkov Ukraine 2456400. 

Details:  Asks for money for visa and tickets. 

First reported: Daniel



Borisova, Alena  - Cheboksary, Russia


Address: Kadykova Street, 36. ap.138, Cheboksary, Russia, 428000

Details:  Initiates contact, uses prewritten letters. Asks to visit you but states that she's short of money. Asks you to help out. 

First reported: Bastian



Borisova, Oksana  - Cheboksary, Russia


Address: Kadykova Street, 36. ap.138, Cheboksary, Russia, 428000

Details:  Initiates contact, uses prewritten letters. Asks to visit you but states that she's short of money. Asks you to help out. 

First reported: Bastian



Boukhtiyarova, Olga  - Donetsk, Ukraine

Phone: 380623852527

Details:  Asks for money for visa and tickets. Stops corresponding later; you are informed of her being in an accident and asked for more money by the agency so they can organize for you to visit her.

First reported: Octavio Nadal



Botvinkina, Tatiana ("Tanya") Kremenchug, Ukraine

Phone: claims to don't have a phone
Address: 1905 str. 4-40 Ukraine, Poltava region Kremenchug

Details: Places ads on popular personals sites; often listed as residing in USA. Requests moeny for correspondence in the first letters. Claims to have a small daughter.

First reported: CSG




Botvinkina, Tatiana - Kremenchug, Ukraine


Address: Kremenchug, Poltava area, Ukraine.My adddress - Pervomayskaya str., 7-68.

Details: Places ads on popular personals sites; often listed as residing in USA. Requests money for correspondence in the first letters. Claims to have a small daughter. 

First reported: J. Bravo




Boyko (Boiko), Olga - Donezk, Ukraine

Phone: no phone
Address: Bobrova str.21,  app.47, 83012 Donezk, Ukraine

Details: "Visa and tickets" scam. Initiates the contact through a personals website, falls in love with you, wants to visit you, asks money for visa and tickets. Prewritten letters. Calls you "Dearest Prince", and herself "Your princess".

NOTE: different pictures may be used

First reported: Josesph MacLeod



Brikman, Natalya (aka Natalya Brigthman and Natasha) - Lugansk, Ukraine


Details: Always send out standard letter and never give answer to your questions. After a couple of mail she needs 100$ for the translations cost to English. She makes you trust her by crying and later ask some more money for different reasons.

First reported: Peter



Bronnikova, Olga - Syktyvkar, Russia

Phone:  N/A
Address:  20 Stavrapolskogo, 320a
Syktyvkar, 167610 
The Russian Federation


Details: Visa/ticket scam 

First reported: Muggs



Bronnikova, Olga - Vorkuta, Russia

Phone:  N/A
Address:  Russia, Vorkuta 169912
Street Sadovay hause 9


Details: She contacted me on 

I sent her money via Western Union@Vortuka, zipcode 169912, Gagarina,6A, Ukhtabank 
Total scam $4500.00 plus all I spent for her to buy food, birthday presents, & to fix up her room with new linen, etc, etc. She is detailed in her letters and has many pictures to back up her life style. 

First reported: Scammed to poverty




Bulatova, Ekaterina - Cheboksary, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Russian Federation. ZIP 424003, Zarubino ST. 20A-9

Details: "Visa and tickets" scam. Initiates the contact through a personals website, falls in love with you, wants to visit you, asks money for visa and airfare. 

First reported: Phantom



Bulatova, Ekaterina - Omsk, Russia

Phone:  7-3812-245797
Address: 20 partsezda 25 – 7, 644029, Omsk, Russia
Email:  or

Details: Requests money for travel expenses and visa 

First reported: 2die4



Burkova, Natalya – Cheboksary, Russia

Postal address: 628031 Russia Cheboksary Konakova 75-28
Phone number: unknown

Details: Contacted by this girl sent a lot of pictures and requested money

First reported: Fermin



Burmistrova, Nadezhda – Volgograd, Russia 

Postal address: Kazanskay Street, #12 (False address)
Phone number: Never gives personal phone number but that of agencies, one of them blacklisted

Details: Span of Relationship: One month

I met Nadezda Burmistrova at American Singles. She posted a personal with her photo. The personal was quite strange, since the information provided below her fake address, which she put as Tucson, Arizona, seemed to be pasted excerpts of other American women’s profiles. She even mentioned having a baby, saying in her profile, “my son is the world to me”, but in one month of correspondence, she never mentioned the missing child and she also lied about her city of residence, which was Volgograd, Russia, not just a stones throw away from my personal address, but across an ocean. 

I should have been leery of this dating ad and avoided correspondence with her altogether, but I’m a failed romantic and I was attracted by her picture, so I sent her an email through American Singles with my personal email address. She immediately sent a return message offering to show me her pictures and then sent me a detailed letter at my outside email address about her family and personal life, even mentioning a past relationship with a boyfriend. 

She described in her initial email mostly Russian pastimes, which made me believe her to be an immigrant who had moved to Tucson from Russia. She insisted in her profile that money meant nothing to her, “BALONEY”, that she does not care about a persons job and the money in which he makes, which in scammer talk means: “ looking for anyone who can easily be played into a confidence game”. Watch out for these clues for I did not realize until almost too late that such words do make sense to a scammer, since a smart or well-off person, would be able to sniff a confidence game at its onset. 

At first, I am still unsure if I am being scammed, so I first ask if she is living in the US as an immigrant, for her pictures show her in Russian dress. She finally tells me she is living in Volgogard, Russia and did not want to tell me initially, since she did not know my person. Well, thanks for lying! I get very skeptical of her after this so open up another email account and start sending emails to her from the other one to see if she is a mass scammer. She fails the mass scammer test by giving detailed answers, even including my name throughout the letter, instead of just the header, like mass scammers do. 

Therefore, I continue writing to her about romantic pastimes since in her profile she lists great romanticism as a trait she desires in a man. She sends many pictures, which look as if a hired photographer had done them, but her own personal appearance is modest and attractive, but not revealing or of a model character. She never sends me nude pictures with a sensual innuendo. 

Within five days, she is calling me darling in her letters and after about four days of correspondence, I tell her I want to visit her in Volgograd, but tell her it will require two months to acquire a passport. Nadezda has a passport, so she offers to travel to my country, so I oblige, and wait for her to finalize paperwork with her agency. She requests from me 950 USD for airline tickets to my airport for she does not make enough money to cover this expense. She gives me the address of her agency as requested and it turns out to be at the top of a BLACK LIST. I tell her this and instead of vanishing, like most scammers do, she returns an email in which she states she is deeply offended. I ask for her sincerity and tell her I will not pay Black Listed agency, so she signs up with another one, which is not on a blacklist and has a verifiable street name in Volgograd. She goes through paperwork and requests again 950 dollars. 

We are nearing the end of our month long relationship and she has fallen madly in love with me, especially after we are about to break up. She gives me the decision to continue or break relations, throwing in a story about a serious relationship she had with a previous boyfriend that ended sourly when she witnessed him cheating on her with another woman. I tell her I want to continue the relationship and am committed to her. All of a sudden, she is flaming in love with me. I make one final call to finalize the money transfer, but the phone operator, an expert on frauds, persuades me to back down. Therefore, I end the transaction, a godsend for me, and send her an email that I cannot complete money transfer due to the risk of fraud. SHE ACTUALLY ANSWERS MY EMAIL and states she does not have the funds to finalize contract with her agency. 

So I go through a private investigator to get final confirmation on the home address she gives for receiving payment. They discover she does not even exist and the address is a phony. Thanks to the investigator I saved 950 dollars in paying a professional scammer. These scammers get smarter and smarter

First reported: Edward



Burmistrova Nadezhda - Ulyanovsk, Russia 

Mailing address:
Street Soviet the house 3
Ulyanovsk , Russia, 432063
E-mail address:

Details: She has sent me numerous photos and after I said NO to the first attemt to get money from me, her emails suddenly became more erotic- telling me that when we meet she wants to take a bath with me, and wanting to know what I prefer in ladies lingerie.

Her first attempt was for $100.00. Now, several weeks later, it is for 

First reported: Bob



Bushkova, Nadya - Yoshkar Ola, Russia

Address: Petrova Street House 18 apartment 82, Yoshkar ola, Russia

Details: She uses several last names. She spoke of sex in her very first letters to me. Very graphic sex. She claimed if I would buy her a computer for $800.00 US and have phone installed in her flat for $500.00 I could view her naked and in sex acts. I questioned her on her address and asked her to send me documents showing where she lived and the University she attends. She panicked and I did not hear from her for again.

First reported: Thomas



Busyigina, Anna (aka Anna Ribakova) - Novgorod, Russia


Details: Found her on Datadate. She didn't give her phone number. She sent me about half a dozen emails, and in the last one, she told me she was in love with me and hinted that she wanted to visit me. Airline tickets and visa scams.

First reported: Robert
Second reported: Scott


Butkova Vika (AKA Vikoriya Mostovaya) - Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: 9100 Ukraine, Lugansk - Sovetskaya St. 94.9
Phone: 380642 333288

Details: Involved in scam.

First reported: Brandon E.





Buzinovskaya Elizaveta - Aldan, Russia

Address:  Kishteeva 12, Apt. 51, Aldan, 655018, Russia

Details: Aka - Liza, Supposedly a 30 year old dentist that used the dating app. Badoo. 'Liza emailed me 2 to 3 times per a week supposedly falling in love with me via email. What tipped me off was in the first email she stated she was from Abakan, Russia. The latest email stated she was from Aldan. Fell in love and now would like to come an visit me. Building up in asking money. Appear under many different name with same photos on Russian Scam. 

First reported: Jesse




Bykova, Ekaterina - Novgorod, Russia

Address:  Russia,629041, city of N. Novgorod,
street of Lenin 15-7

Details: She initiates contact says her father died in the war and mum died soon after. Lives with aunt. Claims to love you after a few e-mails the says she has a friend in a travel agency. Can get a visa for $350 but can't come to me as she earns only $60 per month. I suggest to help and next e-mail has all details with Western Union, ten digit number and Alfa bank details 

First reported: MJ




Bylkova, Ekaterina (aka Natalya Usolova) - Russia

Address:  St. Kutyakova 82 apartament 54, Saratov city, 410000 Russia

Details: Initiated contact through yahoo personals. Her English was terrible. Shortly after she's fallen madly in love you. If the girl asks for money and barely knows you then it is a scam. So maybe six e-mails later she says, send me $440, so I can come to see you in the US. I can't get the money from relatives etc.

Same name, same addresses, different photos.

First reported: arkaxow
Second reported: Semour
Third reported: Trolhunt




Byrilova Olga - Kolinka Village, Samara, Russia



Yes Miss Olga Byrilova did request money from me. I did send to her via Western Union
the equivalent of $ 2200.00 USD. The arrangement was that $ 431.00 USD for the initial paperwork that her Travel Agency "Travel Russia Guide" requested from her.
I agree to pay her back this amount by sending her a first payment of $ 450.00 USD. She mentioned at the time that she got fired from her work as a nurse because of her relationship with me and that she was coming to visit me. A second payment that is somewhat related to the airfare was for $ 250.00 USD to pay for a payment of $ 300.00 USD she paid the Travel Agency from her own pocket. The contract she as with the Travel Agency was for the amount of $ 1537.00 USD that included the passport, the Canadian Visa, Life and medical insurance during her stay in Canada and return airfare tickets from Moscow to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and back. One other thing she as mentioned is that she would need to go to Moscow, I am assuming here to the Canadian Embassy, for an interview in order to get her Canadian Visa. So my last payment for her was $ 1500.00 USD to cover the cost of all that mentioned above plus a little extra because she is unemployed. Interesting enough, she requested the payment to be made at a bank who as a Western Union office in the town of Samara. After verification with Western Union, all the withdrawal were made in the town of PERM in Russia, from two different bank. A word regarding the Travel Agency. TRAVEL RUSSIA GUIDE is no longer responding to me regarding the statue of Olga passport, her Canadian Visa and departure/return date of her flight. I have lost contact with Miss Olga Byrilova for about one and a half week now. But yesterday She contact me via e-mail under a different e-mail account. Needless to say she is not telling why she could not contact me but simply told me that she did not receive letters from me. Everyday since my last contact with Olga last e-mail address I have wrote to her and receive in return an error code defining the the e-mail account no longer exist. I have contacted and reported my suspicion that she is a scammer but receive no information back from Yahoo. She was also using a different e-mail address ( and reported to Hotmail that this was a e-mail used for scamming. Hotmail replied saying that they discontinued her account. The contact e-mail address received from Olga was That is the one she is using now. I was successful in replying to her yesterday and today without receiving an account not existent message. I have not heard from her since this first contact from the new e-mail address she is using now. So this is it from now. I am collecting all my information right now and will go to my local Law enforcement Agency and file a formal complain against her. 

First reported: Alain





*The name was changed to protect identity
** Pseudonym

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