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Russian Scam Message Board - Russian Scams and Russian Scammers

This is the alphabetical listing of Russian scammers and Russian agencies involved in Russian dating fraud or Russian scam. The name of the person where the money is sent is the key issue in a Russian scam, and the same Russian scammer may use different photos. Also, the same set of photos may be used under different names. Most known Russian scams appear to be run by the same few groups of Russian scammers using different names and photos. Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet.

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Please remember that Russian Scam is not a law enforcement agency and do not investigate or prosecute criminals. Only authorized law enforcement agencies can prosecute your offenders. To have them prosecuted, you will need to make an official statement to police and lay charges. Russian scam collects and publishes data of Russian scams and Russian scammers only.

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Russian scam listings are in alphabetical order according to Last Name of Russian scammer or Russian Agency Name

A: (Aa-Al) A: (Am-Az) | B: (Ba-Bl) B: (Bm-Bz) | C: (Ca-Cl) C: (Cm-Cz) | D: (Da-Dl) D: (Dm-Dz) | E: (Ea-El) E: (Em-Ez) | F: (Fa-Fl) F: (Fm-Fz) | G: (Ga-Gl) G: (Gm-Gz) | H: (Ha-Hl) H: (Hm-Hz) | I: (Ia-Il) I: (Im-Iz) | J: (Ja-Jl) J: (Jm-Jz) | K: (Ka-Kl) K: (Km-Kz) | L: (La-Ll) L: (Lm-Lz) | M: (Ma-Ml) M: (Mm-Mz) | N: (Na-Nl) N: (Nm-Nz) | O: (Oa-Ol) O: (Om-Oz) | P: (Pa-Pl) P: (Pm-Pz) | Q | R: (Ra-Rl) R: (Rm-Rz) | S: (Sa-Sl) S: (Sm-Sz) | T: (Ta-Tl) T: (Tm-Tz) | U | V: (Va-Vl) V: (Vm-Vz) | W | X | Y | Z

Gaevskaya, Svetlana - Read also about Ivanoca Anna     

Galina (Galia) Slaviansk aka Natalia - St.Petersburg 

Details: When I had contact with her, her name was Galina (Galia), she was 25 years old and from Slaviansk. Now her name is "Natalia"; 20 years old and from St.Petersburg! 

She sent a falsified passport copy to another man. I have lost 600, - euro of her! 

First reported: Thomas

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Galkina, Irina aka Evgenia (Samara, Russia) - Sokur, Russia 

Address: Sokur, Russia, street lenine house 37 

Falls in love quickly, sends lots of pictures, asks for money for airfare. She will then tell you she found a coin in her aunts house and that she will present it to you when she gets here, wants you to send money to:

Novosibrisk ojsc 
uralsib 62 nikitin str 
Novosibrisk Russian federation 630008 
by the moneygram system or 

First reported: Jlm

Gamison Natasha - Russia


What SHE DID: I am not sure how but she said she my email address from a dating site in Russia. When I asked her about the name of this agency she said she could not remember. Anyway, after just a few short letters like maybe ten she started saying that she loves me and wants to come here and stay with me in Oregon for 45 days. So she says she has to go to Moscow and get her travelling papers. Once their she writes and says she needs $515.00 for an airline ticket because the embassy will not let her fly one way. I never sent her a penny because I had gotten an email from another Russian girl months before who did the exact same thing. And last year another Russian girl did the same thing also. This time I wanted to report it!!!

First reported: Markis

Ganyaeva, Lubov - Kinel, Russia

Address: 34 Shosseinaya Street, Kinel 446400, Russia

Details: Initiated contact. Convince you that she is rich as she found some valuable stuff and her father liked me and wanted us to meet in person. And if the relationship worked out the father will marry us and give us a home with a value of $40,000.00. To shorten the time to apply for visa to meet, she requested some money.

First reported: Ken
Second reported: Steve

Garaeva, Natalia (aka Anastasia Fedorova/Nastya, Natasha Machihina, Natalia / Natasha Koldyreva, Nadya Abramova, Nadya Abramova, Ludmila Shakirova, Ekaterina / Elena Koldyreva)- Kazan, Russia

Address: 454000 city Kazan Street Freedom House 66, Flat 56, Russia

Details: The pictures are numbered instead of named. She asks lots of questions but doesn't care about my responses. She gets friendlier as the letters go on and is about to ask me for money because her last letter was about XXOOXX, love, and being together soon, that is the clincher the sense of urgency.

First reported: Bill
Second reported: Keith

Garkusha Julia - Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: Lugansk, Ukraine

Details: This lady contacted me on Best Dating Site, a Russian based affiliate of 1st International network. I say again, she contacted me first. I corresponded with her for quite some time. She was charming, educated, and wanted very much to exchange her contact information with me. I said that I would love to, but that since my divorce was not yet final it was only fair that I inform her of that fact. The letters ceased, from April, 2014 until September, 2014 when they seemingly out of the blue started again. I wasn't sure if it was because it was of the unrest in Eastern Ukraine that accounted for the time gap, etc., but I was thrilled to hear back from her. Using the above site is very expensive...that should have been my first clue. However, she was again very charming, and engaging, and again wanted me to obtain her contact information, despite my repeated concerns regarding the status of my divorce proceedings. She was adamant that I contact her off site. Now remember, you must pay to have your IMBRA form processed through this network (another part of the scam, obviously), so this ended up costing me some cash, to be certain. So, I obtained her address, wrote to her, and...nothing. Since her contact information included her name, I was wondering if she might be on one of the Russian social network sites. So, I was easily able to find her. Yes, she was from Lugansk. Yes, she is 25. Yes, she is the same woman, not doubt. Same profession, etc. No question, the same woman. So, when I created my own page, and contacted her through the site, using the same photos that had been posted on the original dating website, she continued to ignore me, as if we'd never carried on a correspondence. I wrote again to her email address...again nothing. I contacted the network she belonged to, and they apparently prodded SOMEONE to have her respond. She flippantly responded with a vague email about how there is not internet connection in Lugansk, and that she was responding from a friend's computer. Funny, how she was able to daily access the internet from her cell phone to make additions to her social website (the website shows how and when the person has logged on), but "can't use the internet" because of infrastructure damage in Lugansk. When I gently pressed her on the issue, she blocked me from her social media site, and my suspicions were confirmed--total scam artist, and I am certain that the entire network is a scam as well. A very well orchestrated dance to entice you to part with your money. However, I should have known better. The only problem being that loneliness does strange things to a person's mind, and you want to believe so badly that someone is interested in you, that you'll put up with a lot to maintain hope. Well, that's all evaporated now, and all I can do is alert the rest of you to the cold-heart of this obviously monumentally selfish woman, and the company she works for. I saw from her site that she has a string of about 1000 male admirers from all over the world, so I had little chance of really getting her attention, but I'm pretty sure that this all was part of an elaborate ruse for her to ply her trade in deception and make money. To my mind, she's little more than a prostitute, but worse: at least you can look a prostitute in the face. This woman uses an elaborate, labyrinthine layers of internet tricks to lure you in, take your money, and get away, using the agencies (oh yes, she's listed on several that are part of the same network). I guess that I got a little too close by actually discovering where she was, and locating her in fact on a social media website. This has been a very hurtful, actually devastating experience, but in a way I have only myself to blame. I take solace in the fact that I did all of this because I was so desperately lonely--a thing that a woman like Julia Garkusha uses to make sure she can get into your wallet. Thanks for reading this, and the love of all that is Holy, stay away from this network and this woman in particular.

First reported: Robert Bruce

Garina Ludmila - Lisichansk, Ukraine

Address: Street Yaroslavskaya 73/12, Lisichansk, 93105, Ukraine

Details: Very nice in beginning but started then asking for money for plane ticket and the bad situation in Donesk, suspect when she did not answer mail correct, much copy and paste. When I say no to send money before meeting, she don't like me anymore and have found another man she say.

First reported: Prepare

Garshina, Mariana - Kitoi, Russia

Address: Kitoi, Russia

Bank Details - Western Union
Address: GAGARINA BULVAR, 38 IRKUTSK, 664000
Phone: 73952240503

Details: I signed up at Cupid Junction. just to see what sort of response I would get and recieved an email from an Olusha, who turned out to be Mariana

First reported: Jake





Gavrilenko, Ekaterina - Kherson, Ukraine

Address: Perecopskaya 193-147, Kherson 73036
Phone: (380) 516 829

Details: Meet you in Ukraine to convince she is real. She has requested money for correspondence, computers, travel, visa, passport, medicine and education for a total of approximately $7100 Australian dollars. 

First reported: Marcus

Gavrilova, Irina - Servobaykalsk, Russia

Details: Irina contacted me from the Yahoo personal web service. I did a web search for blacklisted Russian girls and found her.

First reported: Bill

Gavrilova, Svetlana - Servobaykalsk, Russia

Address: Puskin's St. House 54  Apt. 53, Servobaykalsk, Russia

Details: Took lots of time up front. Said we needed to take plenty of time to get to know one another. Often responds to information and questions in my letters. Seemed to get impatient toward the end, however. Last request for money I copied your site address to her and said there were so many scams going that it would be impossible for me to send money.

First reported: Will



Georgiadi, Elena - Lugansk, Ukraine

Details: The agency she contacted from requested money saying Elena did not have enough money to continue corresponding. Moreover, she requested money for visa and ticket.

First reported: Bernie

Glazkova, Irina (aka Anjela Oleynik) - Kherson, Ukraine

Phone: no phone
Address: Lenina 47, ap.11, Kherson, Ukraine

Details: Places ads on the popular personals sites. Falls in love with you within a few emails. Then asks for money for ticket and visa to visit you to be sent via Western Union. Pictures used belong to the international photo model Adriana Sklenarikova.

First reported: Sunny


Glazyrina (Glazirina), Elena - Cheboksary, Russia

AKA Names: Nina Simonova; Elena Zhitinkina; Elia; Elvira; Olesya; Svetlana Kazankina; Elena Novoselova; Elena Egorova; Yulia; Annushka; Olga Belokorytova; Ekaterina; Larisa Vedesova; Neonila Menzelintseva; Olga Yudakova; Olga Stepanova

Locations: Khabarovsk (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Tomsk (Russia); Krasnoyarsk (Russia); Omsk (Russia); Kazan (Russia); Artemovskiy (Russia); Tyumen (Russia)

Addresses: The Chuvash republic. Cheboksary. Chkalova. 128. 95.Russia
- Tatarstan, Kazan city, Chkalova street 23-48, Russia.

127-12 Sheronova Street, Khabarovsk, 680000, Russia
- Sheronova str. 54-11, Khabarovsk, Russia
- Dzerhinskogo str. 10-17, Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia
- Komsomolskaya street 4-14, Kazan, Russia
- Russian Federation, Artemovskiy, Mira street 19
- Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan, Komsomolskaya street 3-45
- Komsolmolskaya St 3-45, Kazan , Russia


Web Sites: Friend Finder; American Singles; Amigos; Adultaction; Faceparty; Metrodate; Date

Details: Got contact from Uses "kolll" as ID. I sent her EUR 320,- an The chuvash republik, cheboksary, chkalova 128/95, russia (5.7.2005: MTCN9028405430) and EUR 520,- an vneshtorgbank, artozovodskayatreet, 6 STRI., moscow (12.7.2005:MTCN9932672982) per Western Union.

First reported: Enzmann A.




Glushak Yana - Luhansk, Ukraine

Address: Luhansk, Ukraine
Phone: 380 933 167 924

Details:  I have met with this woman in In first 3 weeks she seemed very honest and looked like she really wanted to have serious relationship. But then she starts talking about do not have computer to chat regularly and using her friend's lap top. After taking care of that, then she asked money for passports fee for her and for her daughter. Time to time she wrote that lost job and no money for rent. Finally she comes up with another scenario that she needs money for divorce case and then she says that her ex husband ask for money if she want to divorce. 
She suddenly stopped at writing and answering my phone 4 months ago. I strongly think that she is a real professional scammers. Please let people know that this woman is a real predator. 

First reported: Ken




Glushkova, Svetlana - Samara Russia


Address: Home 34,Apartment 2 7, Novo Sadovaya Street, Samara City, 443001, Russia

Details:  Initiates contact. Typical visa scam.

First reported: 9 Lives


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DISCLAIMER: does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page, nor that it is error-free. Please use your own judgment. The service is supplied on "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.

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