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Russian Scam Message Board - Russian Scams and Russian Scammers

This is the alphabetical listing of Russian scammers and Russian agencies involved in Russian dating fraud or Russian scam. The name of the person where the money is sent is the key issue in a Russian scam, and the same Russian scammer may use different photos. Also, the same set of photos may be used under different names. Most known Russian scams appear to be run by the same few groups of Russian scammers using different names and photos. Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet.

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Please remember that Russian Scam is not a law enforcement agency and do not investigate or prosecute criminals. Only authorized law enforcement agencies can prosecute your offenders. To have them prosecuted, you will need to make an official statement to police and lay charges. Russian scam collects and publishes data of Russian scams and Russian scammers only.

If you want to make sure that the person you communicate with is not a Russian scammer, we advise you to read the Anti-scam manual.

Russian scam listings are in alphabetical order according to Last Name of Russian scammer or Russian Agency Name

A: (Aa-Al) A: (Am-Az) | B: (Ba-Bl) B: (Bm-Bz) | C: (Ca-Cl) C: (Cm-Cz) | D: (Da-Dl) D: (Dm-Dz) | E: (Ea-El) E: (Em-Ez) | F: (Fa-Fl) F: (Fm-Fz) | G: (Ga-Gl) G: (Gm-Gz) | H: (Ha-Hl) H: (Hm-Hz) | I: (Ia-Il) I: (Im-Iz) | J: (Ja-Jl) J: (Jm-Jz) | K: (Ka-Kl) K: (Km-Kz) | L: (La-Ll) L: (Lm-Lz) | M: (Ma-Ml) M: (Mm-Mz) | N: (Na-Nl) N: (Nm-Nz) | O: (Oa-Ol) O: (Om-Oz) | P: (Pa-Pl) P: (Pm-Pz) | Q | R: (Ra-Rl) R: (Rm-Rz) | S: (Sa-Sl) S: (Sm-Sz) | T: (Ta-Tl) T: (Tm-Tz) | U | V: (Va-Vl) V: (Vm-Vz) | W | X | Y | Z

K, Olya - Lugansk, Ukraine


Details: She has a profile listed on MatchDoctor uses the exact same address as a similar scammer from this agency Katya Y. Same letters, requesting money after 2 letters, not answering any question in her letters to you no matter how simple, will not give you her birthday or last name or anything else for that matter.

First reported: Woody

Kabachkov Elena - Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Address: Yoshkar-Ola, 424000, Russia

Details: She wanted me to paid for the translation of her letters, private English lessons and I also paid for gifts, books and tickets. She did not want me to have any information about her like address and phone number but I did get a picture of her passport where her birthday was the 20.04.1980. I found her private personal profile on and her birthday was stated as 20.04.1986. She also said that she did not have a computer at home or at work but I could see on her profile that she did post messages many times every week late at night. I got afraid and I goggled her name and I found a lot of scam reports on her and one as late as the 24.04.2012. She was working together with and they have scammed me for over 90.000 Rubles over 6 months. I paid with Paypal, so I hope that I can get my money back because of the scam. I have contacted the Russian Embassy in Denmark and hope that they will do something to end the agency Nicebride and Elena.

First reported: Mr. Denmark

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Kadasevich Victoria - Minsk, Belarus

Address: Kadasevich Victoria - Minsk, Belarus

Details: I sent 160 Euros for Victoria Kadasevich's visa and she disappeared. I let it go but she tried the same scam again with me and that made me report her now. She obviously forgot about scamming me the first time. She also uses email: and her number I/was +375291654584. She is from Minsk. I also have her passport and copy of the western union payment.  

First reported: Rich




Kalionowa Tatyana - Habarovsk, Russia

Address: Hor, Dolores street  9,  flat 37 ,it is near big city Habarovsk

Details: Requests money for plane tickets. Pretending using travel agency Interlogos  

First reported: David




Kaltya Flora - Moscow, Russia


Details: Requests money for operation for her mother who was hit by a car.

First reported: Griffin




Kaparova, Nataly (Natasha) - Schastie or Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: Schastie or Lugansk, Ukraine

Details: Requested money for English Lessons, passport, correspondence, gifts and also to support her family. Never answer question. Refuse to give her information.

First reported: Bill




Kamaeva, Olya - Bryansk, Russia

Address: 241037, Bryansk,Krasnoarmeyskaya street,158
Bank Details: Western Union Branch: MENATEP SPb-bank

Details: She writes letters telling you she needs money to come see you in America, that she has falling in love with you and cannot live without you.

First reported: Joe




Kamaletdinova Ekaterina (Kate) - Samara, Russia

Address: 41 Osipenko St, Samara, Russia

Details: Kate contacted me first through Christian Mingle. She requested my personal email address in her first communication with me. She showed a Henderson, Nevada location. He profile was pulled the next day. I called CM and they said they pulled her off for violating the rules, but wouldn't give details. I told them what I knew and they said it was probably a scam. I researched dating scams and decided to see how far this would go. The first 'Red Flag' was that she represented herself as living in Henderson, NV and got kicked off the site. #2 was that a good look'n 43 year old was instantly in Love with a 64 year old guy. When she asked me for airfare money I told her that I am flat broke because of my divorce and would reimburse her over time for her expenses once she arrived here. I haven't heard anything since. 

First reported: Rich K




Kamarova Anastazjia - Perm, Russia

Address: Russia, 614000, Perm, Okulova, House 7 / Apartment 20
Email:, kitten.

Details: I found a nice looking young Russian woman on, she was 31 years of age and sent me many love letters by email for about three months. She reported problems with her yahoo-email and changed to During the last weeks she did not want to have any longer email contact as she wanted direct contact through ICQ. I registered with RussianCupid under André, but I wrote her also my real name, only to tell her that I preferred to be called André. I received about 50 of her photos and she wrote me that she studied Russian Literature and received a teacher's degree. But due to the fact that teacher in Russia received a very low salary, she wrote me that she was employed at Zara's in Perm. Her mother lived at the country side about 50 kilometres away from Perm and that she spent most weekends with her. As she had no internet access there, I did not receive any mails from Friday to Sunday. I will only attach some of her photos she sent to me by email. Her last contact on ICQ was to tell me that she could pay 195 Euros and she asked me to send her the rest necessary to pay for her passport, visa and flight to Germany. Her mails were mostly in Russian and I had to translate them, a few were in English an the very first one was even in German. Her last chat with me on ICQ (Russian Chats) was that she had taken a three months holiday and that she needed the rest money for the trip urgently. Everything would be organized by her travel agent. When I told her that I did not have enough money to pay pay for the rest, she got very angry and insulted me. It was clear to me that she only wanted to get the money and that she would never come to Germany at all. I never heard from her again and emails I wrote to her were returned to me. 

First reported: Gert




Kazacova Olga - Rostov On Don, Russia

Address: Rostov On Don, 344002, Russia

Details: This girl is heartless. First wanted to make me believe that she gave money to her girlfriend that has a sick child and in the same letter ask for money for plane tickets to apparently to be with me. How low can one go in life.

First reported: Jack




Kamenchuk, Svetlana - Chita, Russia

Address: Gornaya str.-16, apt.-8, Chita, 672020, Russia


Details: Contacted through She fell in love and wanted money so she could travel to the U.S. to see me. 

First reported: Len




Kameneva Viktoriya - Dimitrovgrad, Russia

Address: Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia

Details: I have been scammed for a passport and airline ticket scam by a scammer named VIKTORIYA and OKSANA ZAKHAROVA. The scammer[s] names VIKTORIYA KAMENEVA. VIKTORIYA was the writer of the scam letters and OKSANA ZAKHAROVA was the mule where I sent the money to.

First reported: Patrick




Kamenschikova, Yulia – Yuzhnyy, Siberia 

Details: beware of this girl because she will tell you she loves you after her 3rd email, she will send you pictures and even her address which is Soveskaya Street 23-12, Altaysskiy Kray- Yuzhnyy. She claims that she works at a bakery run by the government.

She quickly will tell you that she wants to come to visit you in the U.S. and ask you to send her money via Western Union to the following bank 

Altay Kapital Bank, Tolstogo 38A –Barnaul 656043 and to put the icing on the cake she will ask you to send it not to her but to some lady name Elena Lupanova… she must be her pimp or something like that. She asked for $ 700.00 dollars for her ticket and she will tell you she pawned her jewelry and silver to purchase most of her ticket but she needs more. After declining to send her the money she stopped writing and emailing. What a surprise uh???

First reported: Kelvin




Kandakova, Olga (aka Natalya) - Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Phone: 011 7 391 299 6754
11-84, Soviet street, Krasnoyarsk, Russia 660111

Bank Details - Western Union
Address: Lenin's 34-85 prospectus, Krasnoyarsk, Russia 660131

Details: Inconsistent scammer. Uses typical scamming routine. Lost money for her to apply visa.

First reported: XXXX
Second reported: NiteProwls
Third reported: Dennis F.




Kantserova, Olga (aka Ekaterina Genadievna Skobeleva, Olga Evgenyevna Polushina) - Russia

Address: glavpochtamt, irkutsk, do vostrebovania, russia 664000

Details: Normal scam, in a couple letters she say's she loves you and wants to come to you to be with you. apply's for visa and says she needs help with plane ticket. Want you to send money to western union. When you don't send any she tries to make you feel guilty with more emails till she realizes your not going to send any money. Then you don't here from her any more.

First reported: Blaine
Second reported: Burt




Karaicheva Valentina - Stakhanov, Ukraine 

Address: Stakhanov, Ukraine 

Details: I found her on but if you search for her name she has profiles on multiple sites. She is using pictures that belong to the playmate Shera Bechard. She started with asking for money for help with communication costs, she was hoping for a laptop but ok with a smaller amount. Over the course of two months I spoke with her on the phone, on the webcam and we exchanged letters almost daily. On the webcam the image was somewhat blurry. I wondered if she looked a little different from the photos but wasn’t overly concerned until I started to feel she was preparing me for a larger request. I had sent her 200, I spent some more time trying to research her pictures/profile and discovered that they belonged to Shera Bechard. She represented herself as currently working as a waitress and I think this and various other things she told me may in fact be true. Her English is fairly good and I think her reactions to my questions and discussions about her life were to natural to be a complete fabrication. I am assuming that she is being manipulated by other people who are involved. 

First reported: Tin Can Jam




Karem Fatima - Samara, Russia aka Yuliana Kalnyk 

Address: 149 Tashkanskaya, Samara, Russia

Details: She has asked me to send money for applying visa and I sent 500 USD but she start lying that she got visa and coming to my country. All story was a scam because I sent amount and she is not talking to me nor replying for my email. 

First reported: Abbas




Karavaeva, Elena - Syctyvkar, Russia

Address: Syctyvkar city, Lenina str, 24-5,R ussia

Details: She has not asked me for any money yet. She claims to be a dentist and sends lots of photos. She contacted me through yahoo personals and talks a lot about how bad Russian men are and how she wants to start a family.

First reported: Andrew




Karchuk, Elena - Kherson, Ukaraine

Address: ul.Levitana 7/1

Details: She gives her phone number and has no problem meeting you in Ukraine. She says she wants to marry you, but strangely she is "too busy" to delete her profile from the web site, and each time you speak there is another "problem." Her parents are getting divorced, her university is too difficult, she doesn't have a passport to meet you anywhere but if you send $150 she can get one. Even though she is engaged, she still writing to someone looking for soulmate.

First reported: John




Kareva, Svetlana - El-Mari Republic

Phone: no phone

Details: Quickly falls in Love, never answer questions directly. Scammed $5000  over 3 months period for many expenses (visa, airfares, accidents, etc.)

First reported: J.W.


Karmalova, Valeriya - Moscow, Russia

Address: Spectrum (Tour Operator), 103009 Mocow, Centre Strastnoy Bulvar 8
Phone: 00 7 095 230 6448 (Work)
Email: OR

Details: I met this girl in Moscow international airport in May 2001. In February 2002 sent 250 pounds for air fare and visa but it was declined. In August 2003, sent $800 to go on a package tour to London but she went to Egypt instead as part of her job. In February 2004 again she didn't turned up. She always refuses to speak to me on the phone.

First reported: David




Karpenko, Marina - Kharkov, Ukraine

Phone: no phone
Address :


Details: Correspondence with Marina Karpenko. It was only after six months that I learned it was most likely Irina Sukhova or one of her accomplices from the Alliance agency.

First reported: Stuart




Karpets, Anastasiya - Chelyabinsk, Russia

Phone: no phone


Details: Requests money to help pay for part of her airfare and visa.

First reported: Stuart




Karpov Aleksandr - Gorodets, Russia

Address: Piskunova Street 28, Gorodets, 606505, Russia
Agency: Silverdaddies

Details: "Hello my darling. I just got your letter and I have realized that I am falling... Does everything finished? Please, please, don't tell not wight away. I do love you and I will not survive if I loose chance to be together. Forgive my unexperience, I had to find out everything before acting but it is too late now.. I had to come in Moscow and find out before signing contract.. I investment so much money in this process and I will loose them. I put close to 700 US dollars in visa process. This is so much money for me and I decided to spend them because I love you and you are much more important for me then any money. I paid 360 US dollars and 300 US I had to pay for trip to Moscow and living there.. It is Moscow and life is very expensive here. I am very upset if it was in no purpose.... My father made impossible for us. He wanted to buy new refrigerator, we have old one without freezing room but he decided that it can wait... He was glad that he could help us, he told that will make everything to help us being together because I love you.. I wish I could contact to parents to ask help. I would never ask you because I know money is tight for you now and I spend  everything in my own . I hope you appreciate that and don't think I want to put everything on your shoulders... Embassy require round trip ticket but as soon as we are together we will sell back ticket and return half money. I am very alone and lonely here and I don't have anyone but you..... It is much more harder for me now because I don't have anything to do. I am taking medical exam and getting lessons in Agency. I wish I could know about tickets before. I told that main Agency is in Moscow and I could know about that just here. Do you think I am fool? Am I fool because I want to be with you? I do love you and I am very sad now.. I can't wait with tickets. Next week I will finish medical exam and will have date of Interview in Embassy. I will refuse visa without tickets and it makes me cry.. Please, please, please, don't refuse me! Please, try to borrow, try to loan, please, try to make something! If I could have chance to contact to family I could try to make something, even if I had to loan house. I love you and I wanted to make all better... If you were here in my place you would understand everything.. I am ready to scream about helpless, I am lonely here, very lonely and you are the only who I can talk. Please, please, please don't refuse me. I love you and I will not survive to be alone.. If I get refused it will much more harder for me to get visa next time. This Agency will not work with me. When I come to the Agency they asked me if I was in prison and if I was refused in visa. I have not had both and now I have great chance to get visa. being refused I will loose chance to get visa. It is possible in theory but almost impossible in practice. I will have to pay again for Agency service and I don't know if it will successes.. I better go, there are many people here and I don't want someone see at me in this condition."

First reported: Stuart




Kaschevskaja Inna - Kogalym, Russia

Address: Sibirskaya 4. appt 25, Kogalym, 628485, Russia
Email :

Details: Not much, its been 3 weeks, 3 emails a week, suspicious from the start, now she ask for money for plane ticket and well, I haven't give her any (or him..).

Now she (they) sent me bank account numbers. 

Account of beneficiary: 40817840502790001090 
Account With Institution: AVANGARD BANK, MOSCOW, RU
Address: 115035, Moscow, ul. Sadovnicheskaya, 12, str. 1

First reported: Gabs


Kashkova, Elena - Ekaterinburg, Russia

Address: Street Serafima Deryabina House 30, Apartment 208

Details: Contacted me through online personals site. #1 RED FLAG: Never respond to what you say. #2 RED FLAG: Fell in love within a week. Use pre-written letters. She's mentioning about the visa now.

First reported: Red Flags




Kashkova, Svetlana (aka Elena Novikova, Natalia Derevyashkina, Ekaterina Smirnova etc) - Ekaterinburg (or Yoshkar-Ola), Russia

Phone: no phone
Address 1: Bluhere 63-a, Apartment 173, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Address 2: Russia, Republic MARI-El, city Yoshkar-Ola, street Petrova, house 32a, apartment 178

Details: Very similar to Marya Belyaeva scam. Initiates the contact herself through popular online personals in response to your ad, or by placing own ad on the same sites. Claims to be a virgin (usually 27 years old) who lives with her mother. Works as a cashier in supermarket and earns $40 per month. Informs that she can obtain visa to your country for $350 with the help of "firm" in her city, then asks for money for tickets, then for insurance. Writes about her sexual dreams about you.

First reported: Andy Luick

NOTE: so far 2 sets of pictures were used under this name




Kashina, Olga - Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Phone: 380.44.478.10.90 
Address: Gnata Yuri Str., 3 Apt 61 ,Kiev,  03148, UA  

Details: She contacted me via an e-mail from J-date, sending gorgeous pictures of her and continued on with poetic letters culminating in how much she loved me.  She ultimately asked for money for her plane ticket to be wired to a Western Union office in Krasnoyarsk.

First reported: Bill





Kashkova, Elena - Astrakhan, Russia

Address: Russia, Astrakhan, 414000 Street. Lenina, 20, apartments 4

Details: Sent several letters. Request money to call you as she had no phone. I met her through "faceparty" a website where you can write to people from all over the world.

First reported: Billy





Kassianova, Natalya Jurajevna - Pskov, Russia

Phone: +79212144770, +78112128988 
Address: flat 1,house 4 prospect energetikov Kirshi the Leningrad region

Details: She meets you in person, she asked about her money all the time. For the meeting she asked you to pay for it, and also ask to buy her new boots which costs $300. After the meeting, she again asked money for her divorce with her ex-husband. After that she again ask money to support her and ask you to pay for her trip to you. After that, no phone call, no sms, no letter, no nothing at all.

First reported: Tony





Katayeva, Larisa - Moscow, Russia

Address: Moscow, Russia

Phone: None

Details: Request money for airfare so that she can come and visit me.

First reported: Kevin




Kateryna, Krasotha - Kiev, Ukraine

Address: 3 Volgogradskaya, apt.18, Kiev 03141
Phone: +38 044 469 41 20

Details: Typical scammer. Request airfare and visa money to visit.

First reported: Anonymous





Katrechko, Tetyana - Kiev Ukraine

Phone: 380.44.478.10.90 
Address: Gnata Yuri Str., 3 Apt 61 ,Kiev,  03148, UA  

Details: This woman is a gold digger!! She lets you visit in her country and gets you to pay for absolutely EVERYTHING! But not just for herself, for her friends aswell.

First reported: Ant






Kavyeyi, Marlene - Stockholm, Sweden

Address: N/A

Details: Asking money to give it back to her friend Beata.

First reported: Kais




Kazankina, Svetlana (read also about Nina Simonova, Yuliya Zager, Elena Novoselova) - Tomsk / Yekaterinburg, Russia

Address: 634050, Russia, Tomsk city, Lenin street 30-20

Bank Details:
Alfa bank
Address: Kirova SQ.,2, Tomsk, 634050

Details: Initiated contact by yahoo personals. After a few letters she claimed she was falling in love. She just recently asked to be with me ,her cousin works in one of the immigration buildings in Moscow she has asked for $350 for a K-2 visa.

First reported: Mark
Second reported: John


Kazimirova, Maria (AKA Irina Golomidova, Olga Bronnikova)- Kazan, Russia


KAZAN city, KREMLEVSKAYA street, 8, 420111

Details: She wanted $350.00 for a visa and said she wanted to come to the U.S.

First reported: Cheetah




Kerillova, Natalia aka Kirilova, Natalia aka Chernysheva, Lyudmila aka Kiriilova, Natalya - Vladimir, Russia

Address: 601428 Vladimir, Vjaznikovsky area, Settlement Edon, Street Soviet H10
E-mail addresses:,,

Details: I was contacted through and no mention of money at this time but a sob story of hardship after her husband and parents were killed.
Looking back now there were many things that should have alerted me that something wasn't right but I fell in love and well , yep it cost me

First reported: Brett




Khisamova Alina - Izhevsk, Russia

Address: Lenina Street, 36 ap 13, Izhevsk, Russia
E-mail address:

Details: This girl hurts my feelings and tried to rob me. She has several different names and profile. This story needs to be published before another man is stolen from! She wanted money for visa and plane ticket to come to my county. 

First reported: Yanng




Khnykina, Marina - Volzhsky, Russia

Phone: 7 844 351 1870
40 Let pobeda 13-1, Volzhsky, Russia 404133

Details: Request money for visa and airfares to visit you.

First reported: Mark




Kiseleva, Irina - St Petersburg, Russia

Address: unknown

Details: Ads are placed on popular personals sites. When answer the ad, you find yourself corresponding through an agency in St Petersburg (non-existing agency Myriad of Hearts etc). The "agency" promises to fly Irina to you on a student exchange program, asking money for tickets and visa, and giving you deadlines when money should be paid, or "her visa expires". "She" may call you and ask you to call "her" at the agency phone number. Money should be sent via Western Union or MoneyGram on the name of "agency manager" to Ekaterinburg.

NOTE: different pictures may be used

First reported: Robert




Kiseleva, Tatyana  - Kazan , Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Krasnokokshayskaya 86-12

Details: Request money for visa and airfares to visit you.

First reported: Mathew




Kiseleva Yuliya - Shatovka, Russia 

Address: Shkolnaya 2 to 10, Nigegorodskaya region, Shatovka, Russia 

Details: Said she loved me and asked me to sent her money for her plane fight...used a fraudulent passport number and a visa number issued to someone in another country......aka .....Julia works as a cook in a restaurant.

First reported: Phil


Kislitsina, Ekaterina - Zlatoust/Ural, Russia

Address: Lomonosova 34-67, 456200
ICQ#: 218617690 

Details: Contacted through Yahoo Personals. Typical "tickets/visa" scam. Says she loves me and wants to be with me, then asks for money. Also gives a website address for a little "kiss" video and attaches an .mp3 file of her voice.

First reported: Christian




Kiknadze, Tamara - Saransk City, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Saransk City, Russia, Lomonosova Street

Details: Initiates the contact herself through popular online personals in response to your ad. Declares her undying love for you after a few emails. Requests money for visa and passport.

First reported: Tony




Kipot, Marina 

Phone: no phone
Address: Sofia Bank, Chkalova 90, Samara, 443001, Russia

Details: Declares her undying love for you after a few emails. Requests money for visa and passport to come and visit you.

First reported: :Pelican





Kirienko Elena - Omsk Russia

Address: 644109 RUSSIA, OMSK, MOTORNAYA 14, APT 3.

Details: Money request by western union on the scammer's name , she ask 460 $. Told her that the money will be made only to the travel agency, she get very angry and ended the correspondense.

First reported: DaBigEzy




Kirilova, Natalia aka Chernysheva, Lyudmila aka Kiriilova, Natalya aka Kerillova, Natalia - Vladimir, Russia 

Address: 601428 Vladimir, Vjaznikovsky area, Settlement Edon, Street Soviet H10
E-mail addresses:,,

Details: I was contacted through and no mention of money at this time but a sob story of hardship after her husband and parents were killed.
Looking back now there were many things that should have alerted me that something wasn't right but I fell in love and well , yep it cost me

First reported: Brett




Kiriilova, Natalya aka Kirilova, Natalia aka Chernysheva, Lyudmila aka Kerillova, Natalia - Vladimir, Russia 

Address: 601428 Vladimir, Vjaznikovsky area, Settlement Edon, Street Soviet H10
E-mail addresses:,,

Details: I was contacted through and no mention of money at this time but a sob story of hardship after her husband and parents were killed.
Looking back now there were many things that should have alerted me that something wasn't right but I fell in love and well , yep it cost me

First reported: Brett




Kirlina (Zolotova), Natasha (Maria) - Samsara

Address: Russia Po box 424003, Chavayna bul'var(23-60), house23,apartment 60.

Details: Typical Visa/Ticket scammer.

First reported: Chad



Kirovinca Elena - Kirov, Russia 


Details: Your story (as detailed as possible): Elena contacted me and said she saw my profile on a dating site. She apologized for writing me without permission, but she is looking for love and if am looking for the same thing then maybe I would like to get to know her better. She claimed she was either a dental surgeon or an assistant to one. Every time I tried to clarify exact what she does, she would ignore my question. She told me of her childhood and how she has a brother that she doesn't talk to that much. She spoke of her best friend, Marina. We sent emails daily for over 3 months. I told her early on that if the relationship progressed that I would never send her any money so, don't ask for any. She assured me that if it came to the point where she would want to meet me, she would be able to pay for everything herself. I didn't take her but two weeks to start professing her love for me but when I did not respond in kind she kinda back off of the love talk and just spoke of how close she felt we were becoming. Eventually she asked me if I would like to meet and I said yes. I gave her my name, address and phone number. She said she will pay for everything and let me know once she is on her way. She never once asked me for any money. Then I ran across this website of and read all of the stories here. That same evening that I found this website, Elena wrote me and used one of the storylines that I had read on the website. She claimed that she was short cash for the plane ticket and after hours of begging, the ticket agent let her make a partial payment with the balance due in 12 hours. She spoke of her disappointment in herself and her reluctance to ask me for help, but she finally did. She said I started to call you, but i did not want you to be angry with me so I wrote this email instead...(lol, wow really?). She asked for an amount in the mid $700 range for the balance of the plane ticket. I did not send her anything. If I had not read the same scam routine on, I might have sent the money. Instead, I wrote her a letter telling her that she hasn't tried hard enough and if she really wants to come see me she wont make excuses, she will get the money. I suspect after that letter, I won't be hearing from her anymore. Thank you and all those who shared their experiences. 

First reported: Simple 


Kirpichnikova, Oksana – Cheboksary, Russia 

Postal address: street Mira23/6
Agency: WAYN

Details: She got in touch with me through WAYN. 
Each letter leads to the next slowly making sense that we must be together fully trusting each other in love enough to part with my money.
I had a check done on her and the following is the result of the check:
Here is a first part of the report.
I found "Oksana Kirpichnikova" (aka Natalya Caregorodceva) is a complete fraud (see IP check). Address verification of Mira 23-6 in Cheboksary was failed, she never lived there.
Actually "she" is a scammers group. Scam scenario: airfare and visa fraud. "She" has a multiple identity and the letters are pre-written. Scammers using a person, named "Oksana Kirpichnikova" for receiving money by Western Union.

First reported: Walter 


Kirpichnikova, Olya - Kursantov, Russia

Address: Russian Federation. 424000 Podolskih Kursantov, 4-99

Details: Initiate contact through Yahoo Personals.

First reported: Jim




Kiryushina, Irena - Kiev, Ukraine

Details: Uses agency DBFV Agency Ltd. Trasferred money to the manager for translation/English lessons; visa, passport, and round-trip airline ticket; and the cost of operation for Irena's Kiryushina's mother. After all that they both disappeared.

First reported: Michael




Kislitsina, Olga - Penza, Russia

Address: 440600 Russia, City of Penza, Lenins prospect 24-3

Details: Tells you how little her salary is and how she does not know how she will pay this months rent. Asks for money for visa and airfare. Says her brother can help.

First reported: Chad




Kislova Ekaterina - Krasnokamsk, Russia Federation

Address: Russia,617060, Krasnokamsk, Volodarsky street 34-12

Details: I met "Ekaterina Kislova" through I had just started my account and was not aware of the potential scams. "Her" ID on was "Riverdaleld" and claimed to live in a suburb of Atlanta until "she" told me that the actually city was in Russia. Once we made contact on Match the account used by "Ekaterina" was canceled. Her one and only message from Match contained the email address we would communicate with: At first the conversation seemed legit because my questions were answered for the most part. However, "she" kept on saying that she could not do a video chat or did not have a phone number...hard to believe. We communicated for almost two weeks and shared several emails. I read suggestions which helped me identify this as a scam. I set up a fake email account and got the same introductory letter I received on my real email account. On my fake account, I told "her" that I was going to report "her" as a scam. Even then I received an additional email (lol). 

According to the IP information for she is form Leninsky prospekt, 12, 
Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, 424000 and phone number +7 (8362) 30-40-70

First reported: Baxter




Kitty aka Golubina, Anastasiya (Nastya) - Cheboksary, Russia, Maria Evdokimova, Julia, Anna - Ukraine, and Semyonova, Olga

1. Cheboksary 428000, Charles-Marx's Street 56-92 or 66-92. Of course it is a fake address. 
2. Cheboksary, street of the world 80, apt. 145 
3. Lobachevskogo the house 21 apt. 15 Index=42000
Cities: Cheboksary, Kazan,Novocheboksarsk, Yoshkar-Ola, and Novosibirsk
4. Novosibirsk, Russia with a name Olga Semyonova on the

E-mail addresses: She writes to XXX from UK and her name is Julia. Julia is on the scammers’ list on the She is now writes to XXX from USA. She tries to set up the place to meet She is writing now to XXX from Australia and asking XXX to send her money through the Western Union This is her email address she uses to write to me and her manager's email: alian_99. Found her on the She is Anna and from Ukraine. She write to XXX from Greece

Details: I have been scammed by this evil woman for $4900. I received 100+ letters from her.

First reported: Manny




Klyukina Yulya (Julia) Yurievna - Ekaterinburg Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Russia Ekaterinburg ul. Posadskaya 44/2-23

Details: Initiates the contact through personals sites. Seems sincere, suggests coming to visit you, with you financing the trip. Money needed for visa and airfare. Day of trip get an email about 20 hours after her supposed departure, written by her mother telling you that Julia was mugged in toilet in Moscow is in hospital and is going to die. And nothing further.

First reported: Done my doe




Klementeva Elena - Cheboksary, Russia

Phone: no phone

Address: 4/66 Suvorova street Cheboksary 424006

Details: Initiates the contact through personals sites. Seems sincere, suggests coming to visit you. Money needed for visa and airfare. Once the large sum of money is sent, correspondence stops

First reported: Mustang




Klementeva Olga - Cheboksary, Russia

Address: Lenina 31, Cheboksary, 428000, Russia

Details: This lady called is 29 years young and lives in Cheboksary, Russia. She wanted to come to the my country, but only I was only allowed to buy a plane ticket through the travel agency that she recommend. I wanted to buy E-ticket but that was not acceptable. We corresponded for three months but said that she will not be able to visit me if I do not buy the plane ticket through the travel agent that she recommend. 

First reported: Rumplestiltskin


Klenova, Snezhana - Kazan, Russia


Details: Well known scammer with new names and address.

First reported: Dan


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