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Russian Scam Message Board - Russian Scams and Russian Scammers

This is the alphabetical listing of Russian scammers and Russian agencies involved in Russian dating fraud or Russian scam. The name of the person where the money is sent is the key issue in a Russian scam, and the same Russian scammer may use different photos. Also, the same set of photos may be used under different names. Most known Russian scams appear to be run by the same few groups of Russian scammers using different names and photos. Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet.

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Please remember that Russian Scam is not a law enforcement agency and do not investigate or prosecute criminals. Only authorized law enforcement agencies can prosecute your offenders. To have them prosecuted, you will need to make an official statement to police and lay charges. Russian scam collects and publishes data of Russian scams and Russian scammers only.

If you want to make sure that the person you communicate with is not a Russian scammer, we advise you to read the Anti-scam manual.

Russian scam listings are in alphabetical order according to Last Name of Russian scammer or Russian Agency Name

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Lobacheva, Anna - Volgograd, Russia

Phone: 007 8442 381713
Address: 400131 Volgograds Russia Alleya Geroev 5-36

Details: Without even knowing you, she asked for Internet fee and already asking to meet her at Russia

First reported: Ademaro


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Lobanova, Svetlana Surgut, Russia 

Postal address: Apartment 34, 15 Enthusiast Street, Surgut, Russia.
E-mail address:

Details: She wrote to me through yahoo personals at first using a name svetopolka, then using her own e-mail address. We were sending letters over a month or so , getting really close ( I thought). I had fallen for her, she sent two pics with some of her letters. Then we agreed she should come to England to meet me on a tourist visa.She lived in Surgut which is far from Moscow where she needed to go to obtain a tourist visa. So she asked for 280 to help travel to Moscow and pay for visa, because no one had that sort of money in her family there. So I sent it via Western Union to a bank she said where she could pick it up from. We had spoke on the phone a few times, each time she phoned me because she said she didn`t have a phoneline in apartment, ( even on my mobile ). She sent me letter saying she had arrived in Moscow safely and was staying with a friend. All through this she was very polite and appreciative of what I was doing for her and sounded like she hated asking me for the money. Then she sent me a letter and rang me being very upset saying she needed 780 for a round trip for proof she was returning, before the Embassy would grant her a visa.I usually have good common sense in normal life and am weary of peop[le, but was blinded by the excitement of all what was happening. I started to wonder and sent her details of return flights which cost 420 and would buy them and send them to her, but she said she had to pay for tickets herself from there. Being stupid and nieve I sent money through Western Union again to a bank she had stated in Moscow. So I knew the original money was picked up in Surgut and this money was picked up in Moscow ( I thought this was real because she had travelled to Moscow ). The next few letters were good then she was in a state again ( crying on phone etc ) saying she needed a guarentee of 1500 to the Embassy so as she wouldn`t come to England as tramp etc. At this point I woke up out of fantasy land and e-mailed the British Embassy in Moscow about this, also e-mailed Home Office in England. I didn`t hear anything for a few days and with Svetlana saying she needed answer quick I rang the British Embassy in Moscow. I explained everything to them and asked about the bond or guarentee which they said they do not ask for that at all, and asked them to check if she had applied for a visa. They had no person on record of that name and told me it was a scam. I hadn`t heard of scams before then and was devastated. Then she rang me again so I told her everthing I had found out, and told her how I felt and what I thought of her, she still persisted in saying she was true and not scamming me. Also said she would return money. I haven`t received money after 10 days, also didn`t send me any letters until I said I was putting her photos and personal information on all scam sites,personals sites,Home Office, British Embassy in Moscow , Iterpol and Western Union etc.Then she rang me still sayiny she was true and needed 1500 for guarentee.I told her she wasn`t true and a scammer, amonst other things and she was not getting the 1500. I have not heard from her since and not received any money back, so thus she is now on this site and others to protect others hopefully.

First reported: Barrie 



Loentyieva, Nadegda (Nadia, aka Lubov Koroleva (Luba), Tatyana Egorova (Tanya)) - Kaliningrad, Russia

Address: street Kirova, house 10, apartment 17, Kaliningrad, Russia, index 23600

Details: Write poetic letters and very romantic. Ask for money to come to you. When requested money is sent, she disappear. Now listed at American Singles site, and meetic .fr. Also Penpal site

First reported: Glenn and Steve
Second reported: Richard
Third reported: LarryG819
Fourth reported: Robert



Lop3, Anna - Volga , Zvenigovo

Address: Volga, Zvenigovo

Details: Anna contacted when she saw my profile. "Visa and tickets" scam. Initiates the contact through a personals website, falls in love with you, wants to visit you dying to be with you and wanting to marry you, asks money for visa and tickets. Prewritten letters. She sent same letters to Friend.

First reported: Eliseo


Loschilova, Natalia - Staroutinsk, Russia

Address: 623036 Russia, Staroutinsk, Sovetskaya, 23

Details: Mother died at birth father still alive. Works sells at a furniture company. She first contacted me through American

First reported: Babosan



Love City Marriage Agency

Address: Lenina str. 123, Bishkek

Details: They offer a travel package for your 'lady' to come over and visit you. All documents including visa magically take 3 days after payment.

First reported: Mr. E




Lovelyrussiangirls &

Details: They offer a three-day trial membership, after which serious billing begins automatically. They send letters from fake profiles.

First reported: Jim




Lopaskina, Anastasia - Russia


Details: Asks for money for visa and airfare.

Reported: Speedy Gonzales




Lubimova, Svetlana aka Lativa, Riga aka Kososplova, Yulia - Nizhni Novogorad , Russia

Meeting place =
Her age = supposed 28 years old
Her occupation = Kindergarten teacher
Her phone number = was denied 
Her address = was denied

Details: Her photos are of Photos of Yulia Kososplova. started to understand this was a scam when I could not send her a gift. Luckily I was not played and have not been gone after by this person yet. Report it have fun. Ta ta

First reported: Paul



Luda - Odessa, Ukraine


Details: After the third letter she fell in love already. Requested money for visa and ticket. She was gone after that.

Reported: Alex



Lugovenko, Mariya - Odessa, Ukraine

Address: Ukraine, Odessa(zip65004), street - osipova 46, apt.17

Details: Firstly said she hasn't got enough money to correspond. A car hit her mum and now she died at the hosipital. Because she used all the money on her mum she needs money. I was concerned enough to write several times after this letter but got no response when i did not send money. (Used a photo of a model)

Reported: Geoffrey



Lukovska, Larisa (Larisa Skorenko)-Poltava, Ukraine

Address: 1-51, Kremenchug, Poltava, Ukraine

Details: Gets close after a few emails. Ask money for her dating agency and has daughter name Veronika (Vera).

Reported: Rick




Lunina, Helen - Odessa, Ukraine

Address: Odessa 65000, Voroncovskiy per, 9, kv,33. Ukraine

Details: she started asking for money and I followed the route of saying no need I can arrange her passport, visa and plane tickets from this side, well never heard from her again as I thought.

First reported: Michael 



Luppo, Zhanna (aka Larisa Dmitrieva) - Ivanovo, Russia

Address: Russia, city Ivanovo, 153000, Lenia str. 15.

Details: Met on Dating service. She wanted me to send money for visa and ticket. 

First reported: Don


Lutzgina, Maria (AKA Olesya Melnik) - Perm, Russia

Address: Perm, Russia

Details: Same as Olesya Melnik 

First reported: Russell



Luzina, Elena - Omsk, Russia

Address: 22 Bluchers Street, Apartment 33, Omsk, Russia, 644045
Phone: 7 3812 692539

Details: Ask for a lot of money saying she had no money and her computer provider needed to be paid to keep communication, and her computer broke down, also she had no money for food for her and her daughter. She scammed me for AU$1,500 overall. Met her at Free Russian Personals.

First reported: Brian




Lykova, Karina - St.Peterburg, Russia

Phone:  +7 812 5400543
Address: 195221 russia, sankt-peterburg, poliustrovskiy 31-79

Details: I emailed the lady and received a reply with an invitation to call her. When I called her she immediately asked for $6000 to get a travel visa to the United States. I asked a number of questions of her regarding the Visa and none of her answers were correct.

First Reported: Gary



Lymareva Irina - Novosibirsk, Russia

Address:  21/7 Medkadry, Novosibirsk, Novosibirskaya oblast, 630075, Russia

Details: I have been in contact with this Siberian 29-year-old woman since late, late March.
I told her I never joined any Russian site, but she ignored my question. She was very persistent in writing me weekly - usually with pictures in various poses. The last one included her with a new passport in hand. She even showed me her passport in detail. It all seemed so real. She seemed so genuine. She wrote of serious marriage with me and moving to my country quickly, as he school visa was soon in her hands. She had this already? It was her wish to be with a love she could be with for many years. She convinced me to make a fool of myself in front of others. She then suddenly claimed to be 260 dollars short. She was surprised at the cost. I asked her at various times if I could telephone her. She ignored my requests. As the weeks went on, suddenly she started to add a lot of information on how I was to pay her for a school visa. She went through various ways on how to do it, including adding her local bank, Money Mart or Western Union. So she pleaded to hurry with the payment as the visa cut-off date was less than a few days away. Everything from her seemed rushed. She did not even comment on my own photo. Nothing. With each email she sent, she just kept adding her own numerous pictures of herself in various locations. I got tipped off by a few of these websites that she is a fraud. It was heart-breaking. She must be exposed, as she appears to be unstoppable on the web. She hurts with deceit. I invested my time and told others of my good luck. I am now being pointed-out as a fool. As I wrote, her letters were unlike any average Russian woman would write. Too detailed. Too perfect. No incorrect words spelt in English.

First Reported: James 



Lysenko Anastasia - Kharkov, Ukraine

Phone:  380 66714 4793 and 960749748
Address: Mayakovski Street 51, 62454, Kharkov Korotych, Ukraine

Details: This woman I saw her profile in bride ru and pussy dating ru and also is in wedding ru and brides ru and many other places if you google her, her name is Anastasia Lysenko from Ukraine, Kharkov, 28 years old she ask me for money for her passport and I sent her 300 dollars later I meet her but ask me for rent an apartment, the taxi, the food everything over strange...I meet her but she ask me for more money, but this time I did not gave her any money, after we meet she ask me for more money but I did not sent her anything and later she get sick and ask me for money and she is suffer some illness and I sent her 200 dollars, she use her daughter her name is Marina she is only 3 years old and she post her pictures for begging for money later ask me because she suffer another illness and ask me for more money but this time I did not sent any money and she disappeared. Now I realize and get in shock that her picture is around all the internet and with new pictures. Hope with she said that her daughter suffer from syndrome of down, this method she stopped to scam more victims.

First Reported: Robert


Lyubov, Platonenko - Zarechnyi, Russia

Address: Troeschina 30 Drajzera flat 125 Kiev Ukraine 02222
: 011-380-44-515-3508

Details: Met her on Foreign Affiar social in Kiev and over the course of six months we became engaged and her and her family worked me for as much money and presents that they could squeeze out of me.

First reported: Greg











Lyubov, Sharov - Kirova, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Moscow 

Address: Flat 32, House 72

Details: I started to correspond with this girl and started to make up hardship stories and evaded many questions that I put to her. I even send her a gift of A$200 from my own volition to help her. Then I wanted to go and visit her in Chubash Republic. She does not want me to go there and wants for visa and return airfare over US$3000. Does not want to present passport to Western Union and much more that is contrary to the local law. I do not understand why she does not believe me that for a visa to come to Australia it takes months and that sending money without her visa and passport is just not logical. I am thankful that she had a photo and profile in based in Australia and was living in Russia. The language keeps on changing and that the photo may not be hers either. I tried to talk with her in Russian and my Nigerian friend thinks they might be his countrymen using Russian girl's photo for visa and air ticket scam.












Lyusova Yuliya - Kansk, Russia

23 Mira St Apt 29, Kansk, 663000, Russia

Build a relationship over a period of time. Slowly build up to the point where she told me that she would like to visit me in my country. Then do not have enough money to pay for all expenses such as visa and plane ticket. I did not sent any money.

First reported: JY











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