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Russian Scam Message Board - Russian Scams and Russian Scammers

This is the alphabetical listing of Russian scammers and Russian agencies involved in Russian dating fraud or Russian scam. The name of the person where the money is sent is the key issue in a Russian scam, and the same Russian scammer may use different photos. Also, the same set of photos may be used under different names. Most known Russian scams appear to be run by the same few groups of Russian scammers using different names and photos. Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet.

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Please remember that Russian Scam is not a law enforcement agency and do not investigate or prosecute criminals. Only authorized law enforcement agencies can prosecute your offenders. To have them prosecuted, you will need to make an official statement to police and lay charges. Russian scam collects and publishes data of Russian scams and Russian scammers only.

If you want to make sure that the person you communicate with is not a Russian scammer, we advise you to read the Anti-scam manual.

Russian scam listings are in alphabetical order according to Last Name of Russian scammer or Russian Agency Name

A: (Aa-Al) A: (Am-Az) | B: (Ba-Bl) B: (Bm-Bz) | C: (Ca-Cl) C: (Cm-Cz) | D: (Da-Dl) D: (Dm-Dz) | E: (Ea-El) E: (Em-Ez) | F: (Fa-Fl) F: (Fm-Fz) | G: (Ga-Gl) G: (Gm-Gz) | H: (Ha-Hl) H: (Hm-Hz) | I: (Ia-Il) I: (Im-Iz) | J: (Ja-Jl) J: (Jm-Jz) | K: (Ka-Kl) K: (Km-Kz) | L: (La-Ll) L: (Lm-Lz) | M: (Ma-Ml) M: (Mm-Mz) | N: (Na-Nl) N: (Nm-Nz) | O: (Oa-Ol) O: (Om-Oz) | P: (Pa-Pl) P: (Pm-Pz) | Q | R: (Ra-Rl) R: (Rm-Rz) | S: (Sa-Sl) S: (Sm-Sz) | T: (Ta-Tl) T: (Tm-Tz) | U | V: (Va-Vl) V: (Vm-Vz) | W | X | Y | Z

P, Tatiana - Lugansk, Ukraine

Phone: no phone
Address: Sofia Bank, Chkalova 90, Samara, 443001, Russia


Details: This lady Tatiana P. from Lugansk has a profile posted on free web sites like MatchDoctor and then tries to get you to send money to this Bonita Agency after only a few letters. 

First reported: Howie

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DISCLAIMER: does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page, nor that it is error-free. Please use your own judgment. The service is supplied on "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.


Panafidina, Elena - Yadrin, Russia

Address: Nekrasova street 25-73
Postal Code: 429060

Details: Wants money to be sent for travel arrangements

First reported: Hedd



Panteleeva, Irina - Samara, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Sofia Bank, Chkalova 90, Samara, 443001, Russia


Details: Wants money to be sent for passport and visa

First reported: Waikiki



Pahmutova, Svetlana - Penza, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: 98-25 Gagarin Street
Penza Russia

Details: Her letters immediately began stating to me how much she loved me and wanted us to be together. Questions, never get answered. Letters finally progressed to the "asking for money stage", money she said was to pay for visa, etc.

First reported: Flyinbrian



Pajduganova, Anastasiya (aka Nastya Julia Gorodnicheva, Iraida Belyaeva - Voronezh, Russia

Solnechnaya street, house 37, apartment 12. Voronezh 394010 Russian Federation

Details: Met through Tickle matchmaking. Initiate contact and fall in love quickly. Typical scammer, never answer questions and after only a month, she started asking money to visit you.

First Reported: Brian
Second Reported: Paul
Third reported: Not_the_1
Fourth Reported: Jim R.



Parascan, Mihail - Vladivostock, Russia

Vladivostock, Russia


This is the travel agency Pilgrim Travel:

Vladivostok Piligrim Travel 
59, Krasnogo znameni. Av. Vladivostok c., Russia 
Ph. 7(423)2507280, 7(423)2507290 
Nakhodka Piligrim Travel
3, Portovaya Str., Nakhodka c., Russia 
Ph. + 7 (4236) 57225
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Piligrim Travel Branch 
71, Lenina Str., Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk c., Russia 
Ph. + 7 (4242) 72232

First Reported: Rich


Paraskeva, Olesya – Zelenodolsk, Russia

Phone number: 7-836-223-4249

Details: I had been on myspace for only a few weeks and really only was checking it out for a friend. I received a notice from myspace addressed to my personal email address that I had a new message. I thought that was odd. When I went to my profile I looked at the message and saw that it was a girl named Olesya. (all of the email are attached) I was very intrigued and decided that it would be real cool to get to know a gal from another country, strictly as pen pals. I had a girl friend at the time and did not think anything of it.

AS you can see from the emails I stated to her several times in my own emails that I wasn’t interested in a serious relationship, Her responses really did not make sense to me at times, they did not address any of the issues that I had previously talked about. I thought that she only was ignorant of English. There were some things that she did address but they were minor. Most of the time she simply thought it was great that someone would take the time to write to her.

After about a month I had a break up with my girlfriend and I let Olesya know about it and I had asked her she would be interested in something more (BIG MISTAKE) The very next email she jumped at the opportunity to turn on the charm and extreme amount of love. Again I thought that she was only interested in coming to America to get citizenship. It started to get more intense all the time and I started to think she was serious and I liked the idea of having a dedicated life partner. 

She had told me not to use that email address anymore and gave me a different one. (They are all in the attachments)She asked me for some money and said that once I told her that I was interested in being more than friends that she went to the agency right away and found that it would cost $1270.00 for air fare, visa, insurance, and physical. She said that she could find $400.00 and that we had to hurry as it was getting close to tourist season and the agency would charge more. After I agreed she called me after a couple days at 3:30 in the morning my time (Pacific Standard Time) I got excited and like an idiot sent her $870.00. Via Western Union

The next email stated that she was very thankful and then she asked for $250.00 because the price increased. I sent it Western Union. She then waited a week and we talked back and forth via email. She did leave a message on my voice mail while I was at work. (I still have this recorded.) She said that she cant wait to see me and She loved me and was going crazy over me. and wanted more money because this time she needed to have a minimum of 400-500 in her account before she could enter the U.S. After I sent it she emailed me back and said that she could not retrieve it from Western Union this time because the agency had her passport so she instructed me to switch the name of the addressee to her friend Ekaterina Yambaeva. I did it and all was good. At this point I didn’t here anything for a while, 4 days or so and I get a letter from her friend saying that she got in a terrible car accident in Moscow. She needed surgery and was at the point of death.

I receive one more email from her friend saying that she couldn’t answer my questions and that she had to go to her. It has been a week now and I have heard nothing. I did some investigating of my own and am shocked to see how much of this is going on. Truthfully what I would really like to do is go to Zelenodolsk and personally get my money back. If there is anything I can do further I will be more than glad to assist.

First reported: Wally


Patrakowa Natalya - Samara region, Tolyatti, Russia

Address: Gorky Street, house 51, an apartment 37, Samara region, Tolyatti city, 445009, Russia 

Details: Contacted me. Corresponding for a while. Telling me how much she wanted to be with me and started the process of apply for a visa to visit me. The next email I expect that she would ask for money. 

First reported: Tomo


Pavlova, Irina Alexandrovna - Sergach, Russia

Address: Russia Sergach Sovetskaya street, 7, 23.

Details: Contacted from Yahoo Personals. Sent her flowers but the florist said the address and the name doesn't exist. Requested money for visa, passport, tickets and insurance

First reported: Charles B.


Pavlova, Natalia – Ukhta, Russia 

Email address:

Details: First wrote to me on September 18, 2005. Very clever and patient approach to scam. Wrote me 2 to 3 times a week for 3 months before she ever requested money, and send dozens of pictures during that time. Usual sad story: only undesireable men in Russia, father dead, and dead-end job making $120 per month. Also answered my questions in detail by cutting and pasting my questions and placing her answers underneath. Moreover, she used an online translator and claimed she could not speak or write English, so this also helped convince me.

I sent her $280 for visa in early February at her request. The she kept asking me for money to buy a plane ticket. I said I would send it in May for her to visit in June. I would not. She kept insisting she visit me as soon as possible. Then she wrote and asked for $500 because she and her mother were being evicted from their apartment. When I kept writing that she'd have to wait until late May for the ticket, she apparently gave up. Last wrote to me on April 12, 2006.

Wish I had known about these scams earlier. This one is a good scammer.

First reported: Dan 


Pavlovna Ivanova Kristina - Kazan, Russia

Address: Bauman street apartment 26/31, Kazan, Russia

Details: More than four months ago Kristina contacted me and we became friends, she was working and we had up to 3 messages per day, lots of photos, no suggestive or sexy photos sent. I told her what my financial situation is and it did not seem to matter that I had no money. Then allegedly she lost her job and only once I suggested something related to money, shortly before the end of April. I am angry because a lot of time passed and no response from her. When she responded, I spoke to her about scammers and then she disappeared forever. 

First reported: Soy 



Pchelnikova, Yuliya - Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Email: N/A

Chilonzar- 19 house-41 flat-83.
seria: ca. Tashkent Uzbekistan

Details: Asked for money

First Reported: Sad man from England.



Perepelkina, Maria (aka Maria Belyaeva, Natalia Badyagina etc) - Tyumen, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Respubliki Street #49, flat 57, Tyumen, RUSSIA 625003

Details: Initiates the contact herself through popular online personals in response to your ad, or by placing own ad on the same sites. Claims to be a virgin (usually 27 years old) who lives with her mother. Works as a cashier in supermarket and earns $40 per month. Informs that she can obtain visa to your country for $350 with the help of "firm" in her city, then asks for money for tickets, then for insurance. Write about her sexual dreams about you.

First reported: Jay Harrysmith


Perlnofonova, Marina - Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: Gagarin str. 12-45, Kazan Russia.

Details: Sick grandmother, no visa, fall in love, scammed money.

First reported: Andy



Perun, Olga - Kazan, Russia

Address: Russia, Kazan, str. Volkova h.65 fl.38

Details: Typical Scammer.

First reported: Vaughan D.




Pertuneva, Ekaterina - Kherson, Ukraine

Phone: +38 0552 322025, +38 05039655449
Address: St. Mira 43/II Pl.20, Kherson, Ukraine

Details: After sending money for visa and ticket to visit you she disappeared.

First reported: Sergio



Petrov, Alexander (Alex) (on ICQ) aka Hadjarov, Alexander (Alex) (on Yahoo Messenger) - Kirov, Russia 

Yahoo Messenger ID: alexandr_hadjarov
ICQ Number: 233-226-531
ICQ Nickname: alex8310

Details: Was contacted on Gave a sad story how his parents where alcoholics in the Ukraine and he left them both and went to Russia when he was still a teenager (Claims he is 22 now.) Shows picture claiming he is at work -- clamined he had the same profession as myself. Then in later correspondence after noticing a wedding ring on his finger in a picture, when questioned on this he said oh yes he is married but she lives in another part of the city with a different guy. Married her for a job. Now claims he has no job, and when asked about his continued inquiries about wanting to come to the U.S., what his wife would think "says I asked her and she is ok with it". 

Continued to put off saying I would provide money for plane tickets/visa. Then received another sad story email about health problems. Has chronic ear problems, but no money to go to the hospital. Needed this right away. Did not respond. Now received an instant message on Yahoo Messenger addressed to "Oleg" about money problems and can he help (sent it to the wrong person by accident). Then I got another sad story about money problems and that he has to sell his computer to pay for bills, requesting help and a possible loan.

Typical tickets & visa scam. When that does not work, tries any other sad story to get you to send him money. Stories do not add up or match.

First reported: Rob



Petrova, Juliya - Bashkortostan, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: PETROVA, Juliya
Ufa, Bashkortistan
Lenin St 15, 76

Details: Initiates contact, ignores all your questions and after only a few letters, proclaims her undying love for you. Soon enough, that is followed by the typical visa/airfare scam.

First reported: Phil



Petrova, Katya Ivanovna (A.K.A Natasha) - Moscow, Russia

Address: Yerevan, Armenia, at 4th massiv, 19str, 274/37
Email:, and then at

Details: I was scammed $1,500 for a visa and travel expenses which I sent through western union to yerevan, armenia. I sent the money to a David Martirosyan who is supposedly this women's uncle. His address given to me was in Yerevan, Armenia, at 4th massiv, 19str, 274/37. I met this woman on I sent her money for a visa to the USA to come and be with me. After I sent the money, she disappeared and never heard from her again.

First reported: Darrin



Petrova, Marina - Ekaterinburg, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: 24 lennina st Ekaterinburg 620025

Details: Initiates contact, ignores all your questions and after only a few letters, asks for money for visa to come visit you. 

Use the same letters as Natalia Vohmentseva came from the same net. Both asked for money and replaced the money with notices of undying love and devotion. Both had no fathers.

First reported: Spud
Second reported: Ernieh
Third reported: Don



Petrovna, Natalya Aleksandrovna - Gusino, Russia

Address: Gusino, Russia

Details: Visa/ticket scam. She contacted me through

Bank details: PROMSTROYBANK 
SMOLENSK , 214000
Phone (7) (081) 2239465

First reported: Captain


Petrovskaya, Alisa - Kharkov, Ukraine

Address: 23 Avgusta st 44-33,  61072, Kharkov, Ukraine
Phone: 380675795691

Details: I initiated contact with her from By the 5th letter she mentioned that she wanted to meet. She requested money for the correspondence. When she received money, never heard from her again.

First reported: SOS




Petunina, Alena - Kirov, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Lenin Street 58, 34, Kirov, Russia 610000

Details: Pictures and street address are almost identical to Gulnara Inucheva and Lena Bezruchko already in your black list. But her name has changed. Asked to pay for the Internet Connection, House Rent and visa/ticket to come to me. Then she vanished without warning.

First reported: A. Fool



Pewunina Elena - Kirov, Russia

Address: Komsonmoiskaya house 22 apt 18, Kirov, 610051, Russia

Details: I did send her $1200 usd and $700 usd and then she disappeared.

First reported: Hunter



Pirogova, Luba (aka Tatyana Berezina, Elena Medyanik, Tatyana Tyumen, Olga Tregubova, Elena, Elvira Muchametova) - Kurgan or Volzhsc or Nizhnekamsk City, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address 1: Gagarin St. 5-15, Volzhsc, Russia
Address 2: Russia, Nizhnekamsk City, 443001,Sovetskaya street, 10 apt 28
Address 3: Pichugina St. ap.48, Kurgan, Russia


Details: Same picture is listed on many agencies with different names, addresses, and dob. Haven't yet ask for money but hinted that she wants to meet you.

First reported: S.H.



Pirov Anita - Kharkiv, Ukraine

Address: Ivano-Frankivsk, real: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Email: Russia,
Phone: +380 (95) 061 25 76

Details: I wanted meet with her in Germany. She send me passport scan. I booked flight. She needed money go to Kyiv. No trains work so i send her 280 USD for travel Kyiv by taxi. In Kyiv she told me she did go airport one day before flight to see how all works. She told me need some cash because without cash she would refused at border control. Send her 450 USD. On the day she wanted departure she told me about big problems when not have return ticket. 
She want book but need little 150 Euro, I did send 170 USD. After this she told me it big problem. She was recognized as liar. Police stopped her because they say she want go Europe for prostitution. Police arrest her and take all her money and want make her shengen visa void. I found out that all my money transfer have been pick op in Kharkiv. And the picture she send me from a girl Nadja on Vkontakte. So: scammer. as 95% of all girls from CIS in Internet. Be careful!

First reported: Molt



Pirovskih, Irina (aka Anna Woznaya (Kremenchug, Ukraine))- Cheboksary, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Cheboksary, Russia, Petrova street, house 10, apartment 19.

Details: Poor Russian girl looking for serious relationship. Like every scammers, she falls in love with you and want to spend the rest of her life after corresponding 1 month. But she did not use pre-written letters. She hinted a lot that she needs money. But then finally she asked money to visit you.

First reported: Law123



Pitulko, Swietlana and Yulia Sorokolat

Swietlana Pitulko, 15A Shkolnaya Street, Apt 13, Kremenchug, Poltava Region, Ukraine, 39625            

Telephone: 0038(05366) 67373            


Yulia Sorokolat, 145 Kotlova Street, Kremenchug, Poltava region, Ukraine, 39169

0038(05366)64612 home 
380679068844 mobile

Details: Never requests money directly. Let's you come to visit her. Rents you a dump of an apartment that you have to pay for in advance. Requires you to pay her friend $30 for a few hours of translation, everyday. And requires you to pay a 'taxi driver' $20 everytime you travel a few blocks.

First reported: Bengi




Plotnikova, Svetlana - Cheboksary, Russia

Address:  Krasina, 10-2, Cheboksary, Russia


Details: I was contacted by "Svetlana" who stated she saw my profile on some dating list. We exchanged letters several times. She now send me a list of items she needs to come to USA. Svetlana asks money for money for passport insurance and airfare. 

First reported:



Plyasetskaya, Lyudmila - Tolyatti, Russia

Phone: N/A
Address:  11 Pushkina, 310, Tolyatti, 344045 Russia

Email: N/A

Details: Letters are typical phony letters. visa/airfare scam
asks for money. wants money sent to: 
SAMARA , 445024  

First reported:
Not even close to being stupid


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