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This is the alphabetical listing of Russian scammers and Russian agencies involved in Russian dating fraud or Russian scam. The name of the person where the money is sent is the key issue in a Russian scam, and the same Russian scammer may use different photos. Also, the same set of photos may be used under different names. Most known Russian scams appear to be run by the same few groups of Russian scammers using different names and photos. Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet.

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Please remember that Russian Scam is not a law enforcement agency and do not investigate or prosecute criminals. Only authorized law enforcement agencies can prosecute your offenders. To have them prosecuted, you will need to make an official statement to police and lay charges. Russian scam collects and publishes data of Russian scams and Russian scammers only.

If you want to make sure that the person you communicate with is not a Russian scammer, we advise you to read the Anti-scam manual.

Russian scam listings are in alphabetical order according to Last Name of Russian scammer or Russian Agency Name

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Sabatovskaya, Katya Ekaterina - Novosibirsk Russia

Address: pass Working 14-23  Novosibirsk Russia 630058

Details:  Fall in love with you. Wants money for a visa and airfare. Money is supposed to send through Western Union. The address of bank: ALFA BANK, 1 DIMITROV street, NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA

First reported: Keith

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Sabiryanova Lyuciya - Chelyabinsk Russia

Address: 3-10 Pushkin Str., Chelyabinsk, 454091, Russia

Details:  Wants money for a visa and airfare.

First reported: Tweedle not so dum




Safonova Ilona - Riga, Latvia

Address: Skuju iela 2, Riga, 1015, Latvia

Details: Ilona Safonova DOB.1 JAN.1980. from Riga Latvia, very charming personality. speaks Russian Latvian Italian and English. we met in Atlanta and carried on long distance relation. she convinced me that she loves me and wanted to be with me and get married. she knew from the very beginning that I m going thru separation and I had 2 kids. after 9 months of relation where she has visited me in my country and I met her family at her country. I proposed her and gave her ring, then i found out that she was continuing her relation with her ex-boyfriend (Vova) even before I met her. her sister told me this and when I went thru her email and phone I found prof that she was lying and cheating behind me. she called me liar because I unveil the truth and exposed her to her parents and to her ex-boyfriend and said that I am violent and threatened her where as her bf Vova threatened to kill me. and she also accused me of going thru her email and phone where she had many emails and massages to her ex-boyfriend.

her ex-boyfriend was not informed of my relationship with her. when I contacted him and let him know about us he had threatened me but later understood me very well. She has lied cheated and betrayed me and to her family and ex-boyfriend. I was fortunate to take necessary action in order to avoid catastrophe before its too late. Be advised that she is very seductive and goes as far as intimacy to get u to believe she is real and will ask you to trust her words. she lives in Riga, Latvia. but she travels to many places around Europe and USA to get settle out of her country. be careful do not fall for her love or sponsor her thru marriage. she would ruin your life as well.

First reported: Tony




Salnikova, Ekaterina Evgenevna - Yoshkar-Ola, Republic Mari-El, Russia


Details: Says that she lives alone with her mother; her aunt works at Moscow airport, and can get discounted tickets to your country. Claims that her aunt has an acquaintance in the Embassy who will help with the visa. First asks for money for visa ($350), then for tickets ($800-1200), than for insurance ($400-500).

First reported: Tim Ventura

So far 2 different sets of pictures were used under this name



Samilkina, Natalia

Details: Requested money for correspondence. Fell in love after the 2nd email.

First reported: Dave



Sapozhnikova, Vera Vladimirovna - Ivanovo, Russia

Address: Ivanovo Ivanskaya Oblast. 153043, Kalashnikova Street, house 112, apartment 54.

Details: She contacted me and apparently fell in love immediately, she would avoid some questions and of course had no phone. But somehow acquired a visa through a friend. Helped her buy a ticket, sent her $800 thru western union but then she needed $1000 to exit the country.

First reported: King



Sarymsakova, Marina - Saratov, Russia  

Address: N/A

Details: She contacted me through a personal at
I discovered the same emails posted at
blackpage272.htm#marina before I sent any money.

First reported: S



Sarkisova (aka Semenova), Julia,Yulia,july - Bryansk, Russia


Details: Typical visa/airfare scam. Falls in love with you to quickly then asks for money.

First reported: The money man



Saveleva, Alextina – Cheboksary, Russia 

Postal address: Fedotova 15-67 zip: 428010 

Details: Informed me that ske would be able to pay some of the exspenses but needed me to pay the other halh. Also as I mentioned that I would pay for the airplane ticket at the airport she stopped E-mailing me. She wanted $500 in cash plus airfare. 

First reported: Unknown



Savelyeva, Alina - St Petersburg, Russia

Address: PO Box 23 Sestroretsk-1 St Petersburg 197701 Russia.
Phone number:' (007) 812 4340752
Mobile: (007) 911 7552291
Yahoo Meesenger profile: aljasun

Reference on 6734

Details: Had no history of scamming. She appears on (reference 250840) plus several other European websites  including
index.cgi?c=wsm&id=2097. ID A5108040

First reported: Chris



Savina, Svetlana – Biysk, Russia

Postal address: flat4 number 14

Details: she emailed me. very beautiful appears to be very forthcoming with information about herself. wants to travel to USA Canada or England and claims to want a tour guide and to meet a good quite warm and funny but is previously blacklisted.

First reported: Scott







Savinceva, Elvira - Ekaterinburg, Russia


Details: Typical visa/airfare scam. Falls in love with you to quickly then asks for money.

First reported: Ace

Note: Different sets of photos used




Sawosina, Irina - St Petersburg, Russia

Address: Russia, St Petersburg, Verbnaya street, build 10 flat 41

Details: Fell in love. Ask for money for visa and airfare. Then fell sick after received money that was transferred by Western Union, cannot fly any more.

First reported: Mark




Scarlett Visa and Internet Agency (also known as Dynasty Visa and Internet Club etc) - Ekaterinburg, Russia

Address: Krylova St., 26 620034, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Managers: Dmytry Baklukov, Galina Suvorova, Oksana Degtyareva, Ekaterina Mochalova
Web site address:

Details: Non-existing agency. Ads of pretty girls are placed on popular personals sites. When answer the ad, you find yourself corresponding through an agency in Ekaterinburg. The "agency" promises to fly the lady of your interest to you, asking money for tickets and visa, and giving you deadlines when money should be paid, or "her visa expires". They write good English, and pressurize with deadlines very well. You may be requested to send money on the name of the girl of your interest or one of the "managers".

Most often connected with Alena Fedorovskaya scam

First reported: Gregory Williams




Scheglova, Anna - Read also about Ivanoca Anna




Scheglova, Svetlana - Leningrad Region, Russia

Phone: 7-8136121875
187000 Lenin street house 37 flat 51 Tosno Leningrad Region Russia

Details: After wiring the money to her bank account, never heard from her again.

Bank Details:
Swift code bank: sabrru2p
Name of the bank: saving bank of the Russian (severo - Zapadny office) St Petersburg
Account number is 42307978255385000011
Account name: Olga bordovskaya tourist agency Esta Tosno

First reported: Antonia


Schekaturova,Tatyana - Tambov, Russia

Address: Russia, Tambov, Krylova, 17, 392000

Details: She contacted me through yahoo and we decided to meet. She ask me to send her the money for the plain ticket and the visa.

First reported: Andrew


Scherbakova, Elena (AKA Elena Novoselova) - Novosibirsk, Russia

Address#1: Novosibirsk, Russia
Address#2: Russia, Mari-El, Zvenigovo, 424789 Sovetskaya 23-25

Bank Details: MOSCOW, 107078, 

Details: She contacted me through yahoo and we decided to meet. she wanted me to send her the money for the plain ticket and the visa and the insurance and last she needed the money for the travel.

First reported: never again



Schukina, Natalya - Mari El Republic, Russia

Address: Russia, Mari-El, Zvenigovo, 424789 Sovetskaya 23-25

Details: Initiated contact from internet dating site, and after 2 emails she falls in love with you, and want to come over to marry you. She keeps asking money for visa and airfare to visit you. She keeps changing her email.

First reported: Cagan
Second reported: Dennis



Schukina, Stalina (aka) Tatyana - Vortuka, Russia

Address: Vortuka, Russia

Bank Details: Western Union
Ukhtabank, Gagarina, 6a

Details: Typical visa/airfare scam.

First reported: Blaine



Sedih, Natalya - Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Address: Yoshkar-Ola 424000, Sovetskaya Street 153, Russia

Details: She fell in love very fast and wrote nearly all the time about love and devotion, didn´t answer questions about personal life and circumstances. She told me very fast about the "prices for visa and ticket", I should send money through Western Union and she will come very fast.

First reported: Tom



Sedyh, Pavlina – Pisklovo, Russia 

Postal Address: 15/1 Pogranichnaya Str, Pisklovo, 457159, Russia
Phone number: Unknown
E-mail address:

Details: I was contacted through a Yahoo Personals ad. She seemed very straight forward if a little shy, at first. Over a month's period, she used a very subtle approach to start the online relationship....very believable, with a combination of claimed morality, and dedication...even included details of her girlfriend Svetlana's birthing experience and related stories of her parents' present day lives back in the Ukraine. Eventually, talk of a meeting occurred and her willingness to come to the U.S. overcame any logic I had in the! Asked for passport, visa, and insurance money to the tune of $220 U.S.D., which I sent to this address:

The next day, she sent an email with details of a flight from Moscow to my home state, complete with departure, lay-over, and arrival times....said the ticket for $1074 U.S.D. would need to be paid in cash, sent to the same address as the visa money or else the reservation could not be guaranteed. At this point, I finally realized I had been taken. Sad, but true...and apparently, not so uncommon! 

First reported: Darrell 



Selezneva, Olga (aka Tatiana Leschinskaya) - St.Petersburg, Russia

Phone: +7-812-5999204

Details: click here

First reported: Felix Steven




Semanchuk, Alesya - Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: Ostraya Mogila,149/84,Lugansk, 91000, Ukraine

Details: Asks for money to help with the translation of her letters. 

First reported: Andy



Semyonova, Olga aka Golubina, Anastasiya (Nastya) - Cheboksary, Russia, Maria Evdokimova, Julia, Anna - Ukraine, Kitty

1. Cheboksary 428000, Charles-Marx's Street 56-92 or 66-92. Of course it is a fake address. 
2. Cheboksary, street of the world 80, apt. 145 
3. Lobachevskogo the house 21 apt. 15 Index=42000
Cities: Cheboksary, Kazan,Novocheboksarsk, Yoshkar-Ola, and Novosibirsk
4. Novosibirsk, Russia with a name Olga Semyonova on the

E-mail addresses: She writes to XXX from UK and her name is Julia. Julia is on the scammers’ list on the She is now writes to XXX from USA. She tries to set up the place to meet She is writing now to XXX from Australia and asking XXX to send her money through the Western Union This is her email address she uses to write to me and her manager's email: alian_99. Found her on the She is Anna and from Ukraine. She write to XXX from Greece

Details: I have been scammed by this evil woman for $4900. I received 100+ letters from her.

First reported: Manny



Senok, Valentina

Details: Typical visa/airfare scam. Met her through from Ukraine. She wants to marry you and want to move to USA to live with you. She requested a lot of money for the scam.

First reported: Steve




Seregina Elena - Nizhny Novogrod, Russia


Address: Marina Seranova, Lenina str.30,apt.15,Severodvinsk,164500, Russia; Marina Seranova, Dalnevostochnyi ave., 42/2, PO Box 101, S.-Petersburg 193230 Russia

Details: Typical visa/airfare scam

First reported: S.H.



Seranova, Marina - Severodvinsk, Russia

Address: Annikova 9A, Nizhny Novogrod, Russia 603602
Phone: Cell # 7-987-717-2151, 2. Magic Jack # 702-726-7125

Details: I was scammed and I knew right from the moment get go. I was not the only there were 3 more California, Texas, Alabama and Washington states in USA to the tune of (roughly $20000) by this same girl ELENA SEREGINA wearing Hijab all the time and sending tons of pics , fully covered even while swimming . Loves to Skype, video chatting in person all legitimate and Bonafide as well as voice call you numerous times . She is ok looking but her Hijab makes her really attractive and most beautiful women you ever met . She has top Quality Forgeries for VISA that she will send you including US visa . Smart enough to exploit the nerabilities in you despite you having a strong suspicion from the very beginning. What got me was her exploitation of Muslim religion, knowing that even if we suspected, which I believe we all did , we will still ignore that suspicion considering that she was a strict Hijabi and practicing Muslim Girl . In tons of Pics sent including the ones sent from her daily chores never showed her without Hijab . Further legitimacy was lent by the presence of several of her Muslim friends all wearing Hijab. Some pics were inside the mosque and in some she is holding Quran. And If you are smart enough to still figure it out the last trick she uses will ensnare even the shrewdest and most astute including me …. Where her dad and she will have fake Nikah over the phone with you and then you are well done.. all toasted ready to be devoured all in a game played by this woman in the name of the almighty. My deduction is that this is an elaborate gang using stolen credit cards and peoples Identities and may send you gifts that are strange and don’t make any sense at all. But beware of anyone from Nizhny, Yoshkar Ola as these are the hubs of all scams and frauds.

First reported: Ala Bamian.


Sergeevna, Irina Komelina (AKA Winter, Wintera)


Details: Long letters about nothing, without my name, failed to answer questions. She stopped writing after I asked about these abnormalities, but then returned later with a strange letter asking for money. Emailed to different profile of hers, she used the same emails to reply and didn't remember me.

First reported: Chris S.


Sergeeva, Natalia aka Stepanova, Olga – Cheboksary, Russia 

E-mail address: nataliasergeeva@bk.bk

Details: First scammed me for visa and plane fare, then $2000 USD for customs to let her out of the country and then $1500 for customs to bring a expensive family relic that was left to her. All lies and has returned my email after asking for my money back.Is now trying to get on to other sites to do the same again. 

First reported: Greg


Sergeevna Oksana - Cherepovets, Russia

Address: Russia, Vologodskaya oblast, Cherepovets, Kurmanova street, building 11, apartment 7

Details: My story is related in the enclosed letters. She popped out of no where, still don’t know where she got my email address from as it is fairly new. Red flag right there. Carried on at the bequest of RSR for info. It was obvious she was out of shape 62 and her...28 YO beauty. Really? Could never happen being retired and relatively broke. Even with all that said I held out 2 percent hope so invested in the flower delivery at Bingo, Not there, never was. Oh yea, her email IP came back to St Petersburg, not Cherepovets, but I don’t know how I-cafes work but remained sceptical. Gave up parent’s names, best friend and her husband names. All alleged of course. Even “mum’s” and friend’s pics. 

First reported: Steve


Sergienko, Lucy (AKA Lyudmila) - Kremenchug, Ukraine

Address: 15-85 Managarova, Kremenchug, Ukraine, 39608
Phone: +
38 0536 71 57 32

Bank Details
Name of accountholder: Pyaranits Lyudmila Sergienko
Account #: 1001139594
Passport #: KH 372579 04/04/1997
Account #: 29091799262290

Privat Bank
38 Pervomayskaya Str
Kremenchug Branch

Details: I suggested that she should take some money for corresponding as i do not wish for her to spend her hard earned money corresponding with me. I transferred the money and she disappeared.

First reported: Oliver


Severchkova, Elena - Odessa Ukraine & Anastasia

Address: Odessa, Russia

Manager: Valentina
Phone: 658530
Mobile: 8 050 6585444

Details: Anastasia is the biggest dating scam company working in USA. Requested a lot of money for no service. I travelled by myself around Odessa after paying $1,270. Elena Severchkova did tell me I was not to cause problems or I would be in Danger from Valentina and this women was very dangeruos. I all I lost $5000 U.S $$$$

First reported: Dale B.




Sevostianowa, Vera - Kazan, Russia

Details: Never asked for money initially. The person who I chat to is not her but someone else. She said she will arrange a trip for you to come to her. After being sent the money, no reply from her again. 

First reported: Steve



Shabalina, Ekaterina (Katya) – Tambov, Russia 

Postal Address: 22 Pushkina Street, appt # 58 Tambov, Russia 392018
E-mail address:

First reported: Mike



Shabanova Elena - Torez, Ukraine

Address: Torez, Ukraine
Phone: 380-66-527-7308 

Details: I send her more $2k for her passport tickets, taxi along with $100/day (10 days) to fly to Turkey Istanbul. She told meet that she is working in a bride and dashing clothing store 
and teaching kids dancing. She visits her granny in the weekends. She says that she likes 
you and wants to meet you. She asks for passport and flight costs from you to reach to 
the destination.

First reported: Ozzy 



Shabanowa Lyudmila - Moscow, Russia 

Address: Litowskii bulvar 30 - 7, Moscow, 117588, Russia 
E-mail address:

Details: Asks for money for a plane ticket, medical insurance and visa. Ask that I must send the money to Moscow but told me earlier that she lives in Perm and have travelled to Moscow already on her way to meet visit.

First reported: Les



Shabalina, Irina - Zelendolsk, Russia 

Phone number: 0078362218969 

First reported: Maqsood



Shalakhova, Olga – Kazan, Russia 

E-mail address:

Details: She contacted my brother through a dating site she managed to get $2,000.00 AUD before i intervened, she was then asking for another $1300 USD so she could get through customs. I manage to convince my brother that this was a scam and he did not sent the last amount she asked for. I hope this can help others she may try to scam

First reported: Brenda



Shamova Kseniya - Read also about Ivanoca Anna   




Shakina, Elena - Ufa, Russia

Address: Head Post Office abonent/box 1382 zip postal code 450000

Email: N/A

Details: Visa and tickets scam
She also provided the address of a travel agent ( 
Name: Artem Loginov ) with whom I was expected to arrange her tickets.

First reported:




Shandybina Maria - Syzan, Russia

Address: Sovetskaya street 41, apartment 15, Syzan, 446001, Russia
E-mail address:

Details: She asks for money for documents to visit you, I have many photos and passport which is fake, just look at numbers codes, city, I am good man, she send photos of not herself, but a ex-girlfriend of Mickey Rourkes, she total fake, if you want letters I have many, I also have her phone number or what she gave me? Do not send money to her, also any lady that writes you, look up her e-mail address on search see if it comes up under scammer!!! thanks  

First reported:




Sharapova Ekaterina, Sosnogorsk, Komi Republic, Russia

Address: Sosnogorsk, Komi Republic, Russia
E-mail address:

Details: She contacted me through “”, and after several letters claimed she was madly in love and wanted to come here to USA. Of course she wanted me to send her $1,100 for visa and plane ticket. Was not able to answer specific questions and did not respond to to many specific aspects of my e-mails to her. I confronted her and asked for her real name and will not give it to me. She claims her name is Elena Lenka from Sosnogorsk in the Komi Republic of Russia. I discovered her fraud on my own and luckily did not send her any monies. She will rip you off.  

First reported:




Shatrigina Anna,  Moscow, Russia 

Postal address: Poberezhnaya 127, kv.12,Moscow,Russia

Details: This so-called girl contacted me by email out of the blue. She said she wanted to come to America and she was a dancer and wanted to work abroad and then in a couple letters she made it look like she was coming and needed my financial help.

First reported: Joe




Shaygardanova, Valya - Saransk, Russia

Address: N/A
Email: N/A

Details: Visa and tickets scam

First reported:




Shcherbakova Anastasia - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Skype ID: anastasia100287

Details: This one should be stopped for sure. This girl did not directly ask for money, instead she said she loves me and wants to fly here to be with me. I told her its not possible that she loves me and that I would not send her any money. I discovered her on a website where a man got scammed by herein the name of Ekaterina Kirtaeva. I told her I knew this and eventually she stopped writing me, never denying that she was a scammer. I have no idea how she got my email. She started writing me and after exchanging a number of emails says she loves me and wants to fly to me Her emails were generic and she never responded directly to what I asked her. She was obviously copying and pasting. 

First reported:




Shestakov, Andrey - Krasnoyarsk

Address: N/A


Details: Visa and tickets scam

First reported: Michael




Shestakova, Valentina - Yekaterinburg, Russia

Address: 620000 ul.Selkorovskaya,60-41

Details: Visa and tickets scam

First reported: FromMilano Your



Shishkini Elena - Riga, Lativia

Address: Tallinn Rd., 13 apartament 3, Riga, Latvia 20303.

Details: She started contact. Use multiple names. Use non-existing address. 

First reported: Drew



Shipina Evgeniya - Bishkek, Krygyz Republic

Details: Asks for money to come and visit you. Visa/airfare/travel expenses. When she has received the money you are informed that she was in an accident and doctors are fighting to save her life. Then you are asked for money for an operation. After all is received you never hear from her again. 

First reported: Ray



Shmatenko, Anastacia and Liza - Odessa, Ukraine

Address: Odessa, Ukraine

Email: anastacia16 <>

Details: Typical "visa and tickets" scam. First she went by Anastacia Shmatenko in Odessa, Ukraine. listed again is Liza Shmatenko in St. Petersburg, Russia 

First reported: Different name, same game



Shoutanova Gulfiya - Omsk, Russia

Address: Omsk, Russia


Details: About 1 and a half months ago, this woman initiated contact with me out of the blue via email. We corresponded altogether for about 2 weeks. During that time, she mainly talked about her life and other stuff. However, a week into our correspondence she wanted to visit me here in Australia. She said that she'd travel to Moscow and organise all necessary travel documents. However, she then asked me for money to send her money via Western Union to pay for tickets. While I initially refused, I ended up sending the money. After collecting it, she then requested more for 'passing customs.' Soon afterwards, she requested the same sum again due to being robbed on the way from the bank. I sent it and then things were settled for the next 2 days. She claimed to have everything in order. On the day of her supposed flight, she claimed to have an accident at the place where she was supposedly staying. She forgot to close the taps and it flooded the downstairs neighbours' library. At 5am that night, I received a phone call from an unknown number, which turned out to be her. I didn't hear my phone ring. The policeman who lived there took away her documents until she could pay to have the damage compensated. This was her final request for money from me. After I sent her the money, she thanked me and supposedly paid the charge. I never heard from her again. I only discovered the scam when she failed to arrive or make contact with me somehow. Later, I found more information about this scammer after I reported it there. This person has used many aliases in her almost 4 years of scams and only people in Australia actually fell for this scam. Another man from Adelaide lost $2500 and I lost $5900 altogether. The Western Union records indicate that the money was collected from different outlets in Omsk. She provided me with a false location. 

First reported: Nick's Major Loss



Shoolha, Yulya - Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: Ostraya Mogila,149/84,Lugansk, 91000, Ukraine

2nd address:
Now her address is

Details: Requests money for visa and airfare. 

First reported: Karlk



Shpinova, Tatiana Vitalieva - Moscow, Russia

Address: Bratislavskaya St 14 Apt 542, Moscow, Russia

Email: Ttatt!,,

Details: Requests money for visa and airfare. After claims that she can't come to you because she has a daughter. Said she will give back the money. Rapidly she get more problems and need more money. Ask again to help her with money and promise to come to you. All the money goes to her but she didn't really showed up to you. 

First reported: Scammed by Tatiana


Shportenko, Valentina - Cental' naya, Russia

Address: 21 Cental' naya, Russia, 163523

Details: Contacted me through After two weeks she was claiming to be in love with me and asking me to send her money for a plane ticket. Use pre-written letters too.

First reported: Mark S.



Shukiriova, Elena - Norlisk, Russia


Details: Typical visa/ticket scam. 

First reported: Javier




Shulepova, Svetlana (AKA svetlana halturina) - Kirov, Russia


Details: Over a period of 6 months has taken a total of 3800 dollars from me.

First reported: anonymous





Shulzhenko Irina - Gorskoe, Russia

Address: Lenina Street 5, Gorskoe, 93292, Russia

Was contacted on Arabmatching whwre I have a profile. After some writing we started using Gmail. She was very quick to express feeling … She send photos, many. She responded good on letter, and in a nice way. We did write for 1˝ month, when we talked about meeting. We planned to meet in Dubai, I found all data, flights etc. My plan were to pay for ticket directly to airline. Then came the story, Passport to be updated. Visa to be made in Ukraine, Safe travel only is ticket purchased in Ukraine.

350 USD for passport 

1000 USD Travel

350 USD Additional.

All communication stopped after this. Have call her, and she take the phone but will not talk. Have told her I will expose her nude picture on the web. And inform you and others. No response.

First reported: LBR



Shustova, Irina - Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: Lugansk, Ukraine

Bank Details:
Beneficiary Account: LUG-6762715600039687
Name: Elena Lopatina
Bank of Beneficiary: First Ukrainian International Bank, Lugansk Branch, 14, V.Shevchenko Str., Lugansk, 91000, Ukraine.
Intermediary Bank: Bank of New York, New York, USA 890-0372-478
Deutsche Bank Trust Compani Americas, 1 Bankers Trust Plaza, Floor 16, New York NY 10015, POB 318, U.S.A 04-182-366

Details of Payment: Private Transfer

Details: Very good made up story... she made initial contact, I answered... she needs money for translations of letters and phone, and for photos.

First reported: Leroy
Second reported: Ake



Shustova, Nataliya 

Email Address:
  Asks for "Visa" money, and then a letter or so later mentions needing possible help with monies for an airline ticket. Pressure, time wise, get it to her, due to her, sent by Western Union by a July drop dead date due to her having vacation in July and the Visa Agency, which she never names directly, has a deadline in which she must have the money in by or else she will not be issued a Visa in time to make a visit to me in the US. She claims to be in and out of the hospital due to some illness, as yet unnamed it appears that is the setup for her eventually not being able to "make her flight" she will come down with some illness at the last minute after all monies are sent. 

First reported: John Keer



Sich Anya - Lugansk, Ukraine

Email Address:

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk, Molodegniy street, 64/13. 91005.

Details:  Uses the same photos as Elena Balty. Typical visa/airfare scam. 

First reported: Piglett



Sidorkina Tatyana - Kinel, Russia

Address: Chkalova street House 23a Apartment 68, Kinel, 446430, Russia

Details:  In her own word as quoted from the letter: "My love. if you trusted me. that we were together. And why then we do not solve a question concerning the ticket aboard the plane? you will help me? my vacation began. if now that not to solve. that we will not meet you. you understand it? I am ready to return all your money as soon as I will receive mine holiday money. you understand it? tell. when you can help with the ticket? If you really want a meeting..."

First reported: Paul


Sidorov, Irina - Ioshkar Ola, Russia

Phone: 7836 2400 039

Details: First she wants you to think she is deeply in love with you and wants to meet you so badly she can not stand it. She gives you an account # and a name of Parhomenko Ekaterina that is a manager at BIN Bank of Mari El Yoshkar Ola. This is so she can purchase her Visa and Air line tickets. The account she uses is 42301840414000001727.

First reported: O-Bee Wan




Sidulova, Tatyana (aka Julia Berezina) - Novosibirsk, Russia

Address: Khmelnitskogo 12-76, Novosibirsk 630075, Russia

Details: Initiated contact. She ignored any questions I asked her indicating that she did not even read my return Email's. Finally, she requested money for visa and airfares. 

First reported: Denby



Simonenko, Oksana - Kiev, Ukraine


Nina Lomakina (Zelenodols, Russia)
Nikolaeva Marina (Omsk, Russia)

Phone: (38 044)5550720
Address: N/A

She is on  She says she needs money for the plane ticket and also for customs. She tries to scam money anyway she can. She's using pictures of a model by the name of Josie Maran.

First reported: Marko



Simonova, Nina (read also about Svetlana Kazankina, Yuliya Zager, Elena Novoselova) - Khabarovsk, Russia

Address: 127-12 Sheronova Street, Khabarovsk 680000, Russia.

Details: Initiated contact from Yahoo personals. She falls in love with you only after 3 letters and wants to visit you. 

First reported: Dan



Sirotkina Nataliya - Tara, Russia

Address: Sovetskaya 33, Apertment 7, Tara, 646530, Russia
Phone: 0079236866634

Details: I was registered on the website Meetic, and one woman wrote me because he was interested in my profile. Try to locate her in Meetic but could not because Meetic deleted her profile. Then all of a sudden she wrote to my from email address I wrote that to her and stated the idea is to talk online. Then she responded from this email: I make it clear from the outset that I would not send any money and she did not seem to mind, so we kept talking. She told me that her mobile phone was a company phone and she is not allowed to receive calls on it. I still called twice from two different numbers s he gave me. We had no Internet access. We talked for a month and two days ago s he asked me to pay her money for a visa and additional money for the paperwork that is needed to travel to Spain. I did not sent any money, some of my photos but nothing that compromises me. She keeps insisting on money, that she is very much in love, her life is nothing without me and all that nonsense. I have marked her email as Spam, but I on keep receiving emails.

First reported: Elikay



Siwkova Swetlana - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Address: Gagarin Avenue, 39, Nizhny Novgorod region, Nizhny Novgorod,603009, Russia 

Details: She is typical story doing everything on her own. She sold her apt for $1000.00. She sold her camera but Agency Tripworld needs $450.00 to make airfare complete. she fell in love with me immediately because I'm a warm and caring man. She is around 27 a school teacher and goes to Internet Cafe daily to send and receive emails. She is alone and wants to be together forever. She has no family all alone. I was sceptical but every morning I see a new email. Then she never asked for money. Until it can no longer wait she "must come! yes? Hold the hand..." Watch out she is really a bad person! A deceitful person! At first I thought why would somebody do this for such a minimal amount of money. Then I realized 10 men working them is now $4500.00. So don't be fooled. Swetlana is no school teacher. She is a mathematician:/ 

First reported: Tyrone



Skobeleva, Ekaterina Genadievna (aka Olga Kantserova, Olga Evgenyevna Polushina) - Kaluga, Russia

Address: Gogolya Street 2, Kaluga, Russia 248032

Details: After 4 months of corresponding with her, she wanted to come to USA to visit me at her expense. But she was $196 short asking me to cover the difference which I did. I have not heard from her since.

First reported: John B



Skomyakova, Evgenia - Ekaterinburg, Russia

Phone: +7-812-5999204

Address: Evgenia Skomyakova, Lenin Street 24,Apartment 55, Ekaterinburg. Russia

Details: Typical visa/airfare scam. Falls in love and wants to meet you.

First reported: Kris



Skorenko, Larisa - Kremenchug of Poltava region, Ukraine

Phone: no phone
Address: 1905 str. 4-40, town of Kremenchug, Poltava region, Ukraine

Details: Asks for money for correspondence via email, $80 per month. Tells about her daughter Nika (Nica) a lot. After receiving the money via Western Union first time, sends 1-3 letters a month. Places personal ads at popular personals sites.

First reported: John Russel



Skulkina, Ekaterina - Novosibirsk, Russia

Phone: no phone

Details: Typical "visa and tickets" scam. Initiates the contact through a personals website, falls in love with you, wants to visit you, asks money for visa and tickets, then insurance. 

First reported: Ted



Skvortsova, Anzhela – Cheboksary, Russia 

Postal address: Puskina the house 21 apartment 15
Index: 428034

Details: Scammer makes contact through agency and after introductory email states she is a lowly paid teacher receiving $190 per month and sometimes pay is late in coming. 
The next email she has fallen madly in love and addresses herself as tigress for added impact. The following message she asks for bank account details followed by the usual it is best to send the $1,000 through Western Union at Cheboksary. I asked her for HER bank account details but she does not have a bank account?

First reported: Alan



Slephunia, Yulia - Lugansk, Ukraine

Address: Yuzshnyi Bl. 4-B 59, 90040 Luhansk, Ukraine

Details: Once again she or this agency post many of her profiles on MatchDoctor ( yulia_s , Juliasha , Julia817) and also Dating Letters (S815307) with different ages, heights and weights on a free web site like MatchDoctor and after a couple of letters try and get you to send money to them for the lady to use their internet and translation services. The lady does not answer any of the questions that you ask her in the first couple of letters and just skips over them and writes anything and is coming from a pre-written letter.

First reported: Andy


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