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Learning the Russian alphabet is easier than what you think! Learn it first to continue learning Russian language. 



Russian Letters

Similar English Sound


like ar in "far"


like b in "but"


like v in "voice"


like g in "get"


like d in "day"


like ye in "yet"


like yo in "your"


like s in "pleasure"


like z in "zone"


like ee in "meet"


like y in "boy"


like k in "skate"


like l in "look"


like m in "may"


like n in "not"


like or in "port"


like p in "spoon"


like r in "rock"


like s in "smoke"


like t in "tie"


like oo in "moon"


like f in "foot"


like ch in "loch"


like ts in "boots"


like ch in "chair"


like sh in "shell"


like sh ch in "Danish charter" (pronounced as one sound)


hard sign


like i in "kick"


soft sign


like e in "bet"


like you in "youth"


like ya in "yard"


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